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  • June 4, 2018
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Nine years old at a car hit the nurse let her boyfriend to send their home – door Sohu news the most beautiful people in Hangzhou at 1 in the morning the day before the 9 hospital 4, Mr. Zhou: we call mother 94 years old, my brother is more than 70 years old, from yesterday evening to the provincial people’s hospital to see her faults, optimistic about our out of the taxi, has 1 in the morning, playing for nearly an hour did not hit the car. Just then a nurse came to work, and her boyfriend came to pick her up. She immediately said to her boyfriend, "send us home.". The nurse is more than 20 years old, his boyfriend is also very good, after delivery, we ask the nurse’s name, refused to say, give her money, she does not want to say small things. We live in three ponds, and they go home and we’re not in the same direction. Take us home and turn around. We couldn’t sleep all night. We were so excited when we met such good people. Reporter Zhang Chao: Mr. Zhou, 62 years old, when the new year, the old mother received three community own home together, new year’s day, the old mother suddenly had a fever, more than 5 in the evening, Zhou and his brother, take the old mother to the provincial people’s hospital to see the emergency. "Hang salt water slightly, have been hung to 12 o’clock at night, we will come out in the hospital door ready to take a taxi back, but this time you know, during the day there is no car, not to mention the evening, can not hit the car."." It’s almost 1 in the morning, and a more than 20 year old girl comes out of the hospital and looks like she’s waiting for the bus. "I went up to ask her, I want to ask how to get a taxi. She said, can not hit, has been seen on the phone, no car, she is also looking for a friend to drive to pick up. So few people at the door and waited 20 minutes, a black car came, I thought it was kind of yellow croaker car can pick up, then ask, is the girl friend." The car is a more than 20 year old girl, immediately told him, to help give the boy, without demur agreed, may not familiar with the road, also check the navigation, check after said no problem. After getting on the bus, Mr. Zhou learned that the girl was a nurse in the provincial people’s hospital. "They must send us to the community, I said the district road is not good, sent to nearby, and they parked outside the district." After the three old men got off, the girl and the young man also told them to walk slowly, and the car didn’t drive away until they went into the community, and then he looked back and the car turned slowly and drove away.

九旬老太凌晨看病打不到车 护士让男友送其回家-搜狐新闻  最美杭州人   凌晨1点 医院门口   前日9时4分,周先生来电:我们娘94岁,我的兄弟都70多岁了,昨天傍晚到朝晖省人民医院给她看毛病,看好我们出来打车,已经凌晨1点了,打了快一个钟头都没打到车。   这时有一个护士刚好下班,她男朋友来接她的,她马上跟男朋友说把我们送回家里。这个护士20多岁,他男朋友人也很好,送到后我们问护士叫什么名字不肯说,给她钱她也不要,就说小事小事。我们住在三塘小区,他们回家的路线和我们不是一个方向的,送我们到家后再调头回去。昨晚上我们全家都睡不着,碰到这样的好人我们相当激动啊。   记者张超:周先生62岁,过年的时候把老母亲接到了三塘小区自己家一起过,大年初一,老母亲突然发烧了,傍晚5点多,周先生和哥哥,带上老母亲去省人民医院看急诊。   “挂盐水咯,一直挂到夜里12点不到,我们就出来在医院门口准备打车回去,但是这个时候你也知道的,白天都没什么车,何况是晚上,根本打不到车。”   快凌晨1点了,从医院里走出来一个20多岁的姑娘,看上去也像是在等车。   “我就上去问她了,想问问手机打车怎么弄的。她说,打不到的,已经在手机上看过了,没有车,她也是找朋友开车来接的。就这样几个人在门口又等了20分钟,有一辆黑色的轿车过来了,我以为是可以接人的那种黄鱼车,后来一问,是姑娘的朋友。”   开车的是个20多岁的小伙子,姑娘马上跟他说,赶紧帮忙送人,小伙子二话不说就答应了,可能路不熟悉,还查了导航,查完后说没问题。   上车之后,周先生才得知姑娘是省人民医院的护士。“他们一定要送我们到小区里,我说小区路不好走,送到附近就行了,他们就在小区外面停车了。”   三个老人下车后,姑娘和小伙子还嘱咐他们慢慢走,车子一直没开走,等到他们进了小区里面,他回头看,车子才慢慢调头开走了。相关的主题文章: