New impression Monet time of the art exhibition opened in October 29th diying

"The new Monet impression: reflect the time trace Art Exhibition" opened in October 29th October 29th, Chongqing and the world · 2016 officially launched in the era of street culture carnival. As the first show of the carnival activities – "the new impression Monet: time of the art exhibition" is also a commitment to come, for the first time into Chongqing, and the mountain city people to a light and shadow talk. It is reported that the Chongqing Railway Station on the basis of original content and technology of a comprehensive upgrade, will exhibit art by immersion into life, let visitors become more comfortable. In 2016, Monet’s journey through Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and now finally came to this year’s last stop in Chongqing. The opening ceremony, the organizers: the "new" Monet impression: reflect the time trace Art Exhibition "journey through the 5 first-tier cities, came to our 2016 end point station, this year is the most perfect ending in Chongqing. Hope that through this art exhibition, will bring the impression of art into every family in Chongqing." According to reports, the new impression Monet: time reflects the art exhibition has a strong inclusive, suitable for all ages to enjoy the audience. For the family, organizers hope that through multimedia technology to reflect the sense, paintings showing a multidimensional dynamic form, changed the art exhibition in the hearts of children dull, dull impression, gradually cultivate artistic temperament and accomplishment of children, in the hearts of children under the sowing seeds of art. Interactive exhibition hall is also arranged in various forms of experience device, viewing experience area, Camille flower area, trend of the self region etc.. Walk in the Monet exhibition in Japan, large water lily and bridge around the rest area, feel the double shock of vision and soul in the multimedia nearly 3 meter high giant screens, lost work fatigue, off guard against heart, friends in the exhibition area and exclusive photography family photo, keep this happy the moment. This winter, October 29, 2016 – in the year of January 6, 2017, the new impression Monet: the art of time and the art of the world.相关的主题文章: