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New car graphic: Porsche Panamera full evolution Phoenix car and new car graphics a new generation of Panamera, which is following the 2009 release, in mid 2013 after the change, the first complete replacement of the Panamera family. On the new Panamera, the most important change is more like, more luxurious, and the configuration is higher, better control, better power of these three points is no suspense, but also the replacement must do. More like 911, said the new Panamera is in the style of the previous generation product return, although largely 911 appearance, but look very different, the tail is completely formed its own characteristics, in the beginning of the release, it also makes a lot of people spend more time to accept. The Panamera in their own four door coupe on the basis of the use of the shape of the 911, a little less extreme dynamic, but the grade is indeed higher. Compared to the front, Panamera tail in the style change is more significant, through the design of the taillights and four wheel drive 911 is exactly the same, this is in fact more Porsche fans can cause resonance. Dimensions, the new Panamera comprehensive increase, reached 5049× 1937× 1423 mm, length and width were increased by 34 mm, 6 mm and 5 mm, wheelbase also lengthened by 30 mm, up to 2950 mm. Luxury is reflected in the interior, Panamera is the four door top run, at least a few big brands in German is the highest grade, so it will also be used close to the British top luxury car technique to decorate this from 918 Spyder has established the new Porsche digital interior, not only run flavor, it is in creating a sense of luxury find everything fresh and new. Not loaded to the Panamera LCD instrument, but the good news is that it still shows the contents of "5 meters" in the middle of the tachometer is mechanical pointer table, and a total of 4 meters on both sides of the digital simulation, change more freely, but the traditional and not discarded, is in our view a a good practice. With PCM multimedia infotainment system console 12.3 inch screen, with all current popular features, including CarPlay system, a new interface for the car to add a lot of color, and the air outlet of the wind can also use a PCM electric control system. In addition, consumers can still optional panoramic sunroof, massage chair, tilt atmosphere lamp and Burmester high-end stereo system etc.. "Touch" is one of the new Porsche keyword interior, before a large number of physical buttons replaced by touch function area; and the shift lever also switched into an electronic shift lever is very small in size, compact travel. Panamera is still a four door four seat car, four seats in the car is still independent, good nature is do not disturb, and it can ensure the heating, ventilation, massage each seat are able to independently and efficiently. In the back row, the new Panamera is ready for passengers.相关的主题文章: