National Day holiday Haikou good social order to ensure that the ” the five does not occur &quo denka

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  • November 18, 2017
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The National Day holiday in Haikou good social order to ensure five " no " – – Hainan windows Hainan windows October 7 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Mao Lei) during the 2016 National Day holiday, the Haikou police public security organs at all levels to earnestly implement the municipal government and the provincial public security department work plan, the majority of the police, auxiliary police stick to their posts, continuous fighting, continue to strengthen the security measures, effectively maintaining the overall stability of social order, to achieve the "five no": no major mass incidents, violent terrorist incidents do not occur, do not affect the serious security and criminal cases is not bad, the occurrence of major accidents, does not occur fire, stampede and other security disasters and accidents of public security work, to create a stable and peaceful festive atmosphere for the general public and tourists. Haikou police attach great importance to the security work during the national day, before the holiday special deployment, and the establishment of Security Work Leading Group Public Security Bureau by the Haikou Municipal Committee, Li Xiangming headed the entire police mobilization, go all out to implement various security measures. The morning of October 1st, the Hainan provincial Party Secretary Luo Baoming to Haikou research, post point cordial greetings to the police patrol on duty in Shanxi Guoxing Avenue Road intersection with the three public security, and made important instructions. In the afternoon after the meeting of the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, the Haikou provincial police immediately instructed the spirit of the provincial Party committee, the municipal government to each and every police and auxiliary police officers to further strengthen the security measures. 4 pm, Haikou police held an enlarged meeting of the Party committee, thematic learning to convey important instructions to the October 1st Hainan provincial Party Secretary Luo Baoming, governor Liu Cigui to Haikou research condolences to the spirit, and the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Sun Xinyang in the afternoon will be the topic of an important speech on the meeting, study the deployment of the recent security and the "double", accurate the key work of poverty alleviation. On the morning of 6, the Public Security Bureau Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Li Xiangming Wanlvyuan, Feng Xiaogang film commune and Xiuying port and other scenic spots and transportation hub, inspect the scene of traffic flow, site inspection and guidance return peak traffic counseling work. Other council members of the party also according to their division, respectively, grassroots guidance and security work holidays. During the festival, the city’s public security organs at all levels in addition to the normal duty of police, and more than 500 police officers stand guard, at any time to emergencies. During the festival, Haikou city public security organs at all levels of police, traffic police, relying on City Public Security Department three "patrol map" and one of the 12 grade and 40 grade two Gang Gang, around the provincial government, station, port, wharf and other key parts to carry out social patrol, and effectively improve the street see alarm rate and steward rate; criminal investigation departments to further promote the "hunting rats", "Robbery against cheat" special action to protect people’s lives and property safety. During the festival, the city’s total of 113 criminal cases, detection 44 cases, arrested 35 criminal suspects. Before the holiday, successfully cracked the Red Lake E era Plaza Yuda gold jewelry store value of more than 270 jewelry theft, arrested the suspect Tang Moujun in Danzhou City, for the work of the national security to eliminate potential safety problems. Public security departments to crack down on gambling illegal activities,相关的主题文章: