NASA said the earth’s surface temperature dropped or triggered by El Nino

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  • November 19, 2017
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NASA said the earth’s surface temperature drop or by the original title: El Nino caused scientists: El Nino end surface temperature dips 1 degrees in November 27, according to foreign media reports, NASA (NASA) satellite data show that the average temperature of the earth’s surface since the middle of this year dropped more than 1 degrees Celsius, the biggest decline record. This means that nearly two years of high temperature weather may be caused by El Nino phenomenon, and greenhouse gas emissions. Reported that in 2015 there is a record since the hottest year, scientists on climate warming views were divided into two factions, some people think that high temperature is the result of global warming for a long time; others believe that this is due to the complex nature of the El Nino phenomenon, Never mind and human emissions of greenhouse gases. The NASA satellite data, since this year, the average surface temperature decreased by more than 1 degrees Celsius, the water temperature also declined, in recent years the earth’s weather is reflected by the El Nino effect, and this round of El Nino is also coming to an end. El Nino occurs every few years, leading to warming of the Pacific Ocean west of Central America, winter temperatures will be higher than normal. With El Nino weakened, La Nina also gradually emerge, La Nina will lead to the Pacific sea temperature becomes lower than normal, the global temperature drop. Strong El Nino appears on earth once, ocean temperature and surface temperature drop, similar to this year. "Global warming policy foundation scientist Whitehouse (David Whitehouse) said:" according to the satellite, after the end of 2016 the temperature is back to 1998 El Nino, the data clearly show the El Nino is only a short-term phenomenon of climate." Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: