Nanning City Economic Development Zone, 5 poor villages to uncap the standard (Figure)

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  • March 9, 2017
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Nanning City Economic Development Zone, 5 poor villages to uncap the standard (Figure)

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"village" hat "out of poverty"

through the open area to achieve the desired target

thanks to the government to help me buy a TV set is also connected to the TV signal, poverty alleviation policy does bring benefits to farmers!" LIANG Qing District, the town of Chen Sheng village poor households, Ling said with a smile. The 62 year old Ling Yisheng, who lives in the mountains due to blocking the news, understand the outside information channels are limited, limited his vision and breeding technology. He contracted ten acres of barren hills and want to plant macadamia nuts, but do not know which kind of fruit nuts with distinction in general; he planted two acres of sugar cane, but yield only 2/3 people…… Spent more than others and manpower is a result of this, Ling Yisheng was very upset, he often hung in the mouth of the sentence is: "I have money to buy a TV, called Lagan antenna, I want to see how the experts engage in planting!"

through the open area of the jurisdiction of the organization to help carry out the activities of enterprises Xi Chengcun

carry out precise poverty alleviation, Ling Yisheng conditions have been greatly improved, the new West Village first secretary Zhou Shangkun Sheng Ling Yisheng timely assistance needs, he made contact with the backing of the unit of Nanning Economic Development Zone, in the open area of support and matchmaking, Ling Yisheng and other poor households to donate 29 the TV and the receiving antenna, Yisheng Ling last round to watch TV dream.

TV, according to Ling Yisheng learned from television planting technology in the week Shangkun and other cadres under the help of buying high-quality seeds and seedlings, and science and technology promotion improved planting technology. Now, he has planted ten acres of Macadamia is growing well, two acres of sugar cane yield from 4 tons last year rose to 5.5 tons this year.

In addition to

Ling Yisheng’s Xi Chengcun, through the open area of the aid Liangqing district that Ma Zhen Chong Tao Cun, the Lai Dong village, Chen Zhen Da Tang Zhen Qiao Lou Zhen Yongning District Board Village, the river waves village, Wuming District Ning Wu Jian Feng Cun the 6 poor villages, a total of 383 poor households, 1363 people. After nearly a year of efforts, through the open area of the "village" hat "sentinel helping households out of poverty" has made some achievements, to achieve the desired objectives.

rushed out of poverty in 2016, Lai Dong Cun Tao Cun, Xi Chengcun, Joe, Kawanami Village Board Village 5 villages in the city organization acceptance, has been fully achieved "village Zhaimao acceptance criteria. 2016 households out of poverty, the goal is 233 people, while the actual completion of the 239 families of more than and 932 people out of poverty.

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