Nanjing, a single crazy theft of women’s underwear is also classified as female information bree daniels

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  • November 18, 2017
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Nanjing a bachelors crazy stealing lingerie also marked the main female classification information at night, a man carrying a snakeskin bag to appear in sneaking Nanjing street in Lishui, seeing no one around he crept into a roadside area, soon rewarding, and disappeared into the night. Recently, a spate of theft cases occurred in several districts of Lishui, it is surprising that most of the stolen goods were actually inside the female clothing. After several months of careful investigation, Lishui police finally the underwear thief arrested. Even the police’s surprise, the thieves in the rental housing, was filled with all kinds of women’s underwear, underwear thief to be arranged, and marked the hostess of the information. At present, the suspect Wang on suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention according to law. Small frequently stolen lingerie, underwear thief "crazy crime more than 20 cases in November of this year’s day afternoon, Ms. Zhang Lishui people as usual to clean up the clothes to the balcony, but found himself a few pieces of underwear is home to take wings to itself, was a thief? Zhang quickly inventory of items in the home, after repeated inventory, Ms. Zhang found that in addition to their own several underwear, there is no other stolen property, which in the end is how it happened? Due to the day outside the wind is relatively large, Ms. Zhang thought might be the wind blew his clothes away, there is no matter in mind. However, the same area of Ms. Fu did not miss Zhang so lucky. When Ms. Fu got up early, found his balcony windows were violent open and found the house into a thief, Ms. Fu immediately take home items, found a gold ring on the living room drawer disappeared, at the same time lost and her several lingerie and stockings, Ms. Fu immediately call the police calls. According to police reports, since July of this year, Lishui has a number of residential theft, there are more than 20 preliminary statistics, in addition to some of the stolen cash, mobile phones, gold and silver jewelry, most of them were women underwear. The police decided to investigate the mysterious "underwear thief". Rental house filled with women’s underwear, "bad man" theft scene photos classification by access to the scene and the surrounding surveillance video, police found a man carrying a snakeskin bag repeatedly appeared in the scene in the middle of the night, the acting very suspicious, then found the man has a major crime suspects. By analyzing the trajectory of the suspect, the police found the suspect after each case will appear in a district of Lishui in a rented house, decided on the implementation of the arrest. November 16th, the police arrested the suspect on the spot in the rental. Let the police never thought, pushed the Wang residence rental door, the size is only more than 10 bedroom flat, everywhere filled with women’s underwear, the scene is full of messy, female hormone breath. And in each underwear are marked on the "mistress" name and photos. According to Wang explained, every time the case, he will find a mistress in the theft scene photos taken, if it is not found, then photographed female master identity information with their mobile phone photos, the purpose is to confirm the woman’s body.相关的主题文章: