Name of chicken

name Twelve Nights, into the feather deep.

trustworthy reminder Asahi, can send Xiao yin.

e crown Zhuang Ruiyu, claws cut gold.

has a sense of what the de Liang rice, sound.

– Tang · Li Yin "chicken"

the upcoming Lunar jeongyujaeran years, twelve years in the zodiac chicken. Because of the "chicken" and "Ji" homophonic, China’s vast land on the southeast of the northwest, the Folk Spring Festival is eating chicken custom, in addition to the nutritional value, taste particularly enthusiastic chicken, people also want to be able to get a "color", the "chicken" as a raw material delicacy in this age the transition period is more popular. 38 seats on the Tibetan village village fried crisp chicked stuttering Tibetan chicken mushroom stew, the canal town of Yangzhou in the street beggar chicken, tea horse road, the town of Pingle Kung Pao Chicken Shanxi in the Taihang Mountains, a delicacy not only has a chicken, unique flavor, is a history. This year, let us visit those distinctive ancient villages, hidden in the old alley, ruminate noisy roadside ancient flavor chicken delicacy!

snow covered Plateau Tibetan chicken stammer village

chicken small file

: Tibetan Tibetan chicken mushroom stew chicken cut into small pieces, with Tibet unique palm ginseng, mushroom, Tibetan Fritillaria, Gastrodia elata, pepper, Chinese wolfberry and other herbs do soup, with snow shed pure water stew, with old bean curd, melon slices, Chinese cabbage, lettuce leaves and shabu.

village is located in the Linzhi area of Tibet. The south shore of Lake bassoon, is home to the Tibetan gongbujiangda. "Stutter" in Tibetan language is "forgotten", and a beautiful landscape, a poetic name, enter here seem to enter into the reservoir in the Peach Garden, as if a generation had passed. Bathed in the snow and blue in the morning sunshine stammer village, garden, old farmhouse, rustic villagers and children, curl smoke, accompanied by country sounds, cloth labor sounds like a fairyland, intoxicating. Here, it is easy to forget all the worldly troubles, the girl may not be beautiful roadside encounter, but has the most simple sincere smile. There are more than and 80 households in the village, open a family at random, will be warm hospitality. There are fireplaces, stone pot, cooking and heating to the house. The lamp was suspended in the air p.densata, burning wood is very good varieties of Cyclobalanopsis wood, eat the stocking of Tibetan Pig, a wheat cake, chicken, fish, barley, matsutake, highland barley wine. After the meal, sitting in the yard full of Ge Sanghua, to a pot of butter tea, lazy nap in the sun, ha ha, is not very comfortable? This is not a dream, as long as you have enough time, you can enjoy the wonderful life you can think of;