My new clothes dress Lin Chiling interpretation of the daughter of the sea yvette yates

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  • November 17, 2017
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"My new clothes" dress Lin Chiling interpretation of "the daughter of the sea" on Saturday, "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) "Adorable pet theme fashion show, each breakthrough in self, to bring the audience a variety of other wonderful Lin Chiling [micro-blog], the return to the beautiful and elegant, the selection and interpretation of the create new styles of marine life, Lin Chiling also turned" the daughter of the sea ", like a mermaid like on stage elegant dancing, Lin Chiling beauty return" goddess "burst! The stage change into the depths of the ocean scene, the deep blue sea surrounding is glittering, fish, corals, plants a riot of colours, the dancer is wrapped in a huge bubble in a female soft music background, Lin Chiling wearing a blue tunic skirt debut, skirt is. The shape of the pattern, oblique leaf edge design shoulders shoulder charge with flounce skirt also let Lin Chiling and with long legs, and a ballet foundation Lin Chiling, is with the music brought a soft elegant ballet, instantly turned the sea Mermaid, let the audience see stay perfect performance. And then a second Lin Chiling dress, wearing short skirts of lotus leaf gently walked behind the stage, when the body is out of layers of blue dress, with a smile at the camera was the scene had melted, Wu Xin also gives the classic comments "gorgeous stage, long legs, charming smile, beautiful sister Lin", where the ear couldn’t stop screaming praising this scene is also very beautiful!" Lin Chiling said, "this adorable pet" and choose the interpretation of "the daughter of the sea" has great meaning, "I hope through this let everyone take care of marine organisms (Marine) is that we need to care about" in the show beautiful moment did not forget the social responsibility, good Lin Chiling also let the audience can not help but applaud praising. Cascade falbala, Shaqun, wavy hair, the period of Lin Chiling and return to the goddess, but Lin Chiling in the United States at the same time but do not forget to care for marine organisms, like "my new clothes" since the launch has emphasized "the other also made the heart", Lin Chiling has been practicing this philosophy, and to appreciate one Maxim also beautiful Lin Chiling of the show, please look forward to this Saturday at ten p.m. Eastern TV broadcast of "my new clothes". (commissioning editor: Shimlay)相关的主题文章: