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  • April 16, 2018
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"Mrs. Yan Ni" long live premiere tonight exposes for the role of selection of underwear – Sohu   Yan Ni and Sheng Guansen dance entertainment; entertainment news Sohu by Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Ziqi Zhao, Morni Chang, Tan Kai, Yuan Wenkang, Xi Zi, Sheng Guansen and other stars starred in the modern family emotional drama "long live the wife" upcoming tonight (September 8th) 19:30 in Tianjin satellite TV the national premiere, the play tells the story of three groups in different classes, different life forms, and has its own representative marriage and family affection, love, friendship story. At the same time, in the two episode tonight will also broadcast "long live the wife" launch special programs, Yan Ni exposes the role selection process of cartoon underwear. Yan Ni tells the story of three different women in three different marriages in the selection of underwear to adhere to the role of "long live the wife", with the leaf Shuxin Yan Ni plays a beautiful and clever advertising elite, but her husband has hope to do a full-time wife; Ziqi Zhao played Lanshan married the rich handsome "at the same time also assume the duties of the stepmother; Chu wins male, in order to pursue true love, and unrequited love impulse flash marriage, however two 90 married life is not Everything is going smoothly. After a thousand sails, the ladies had saved more on marriage stick, saved their marriage and love, the final harvest of happiness. In the exposure of the trailers, there was a dramatic plot, played by Yan Ni Ye Shuxin in the high-end dress party not only exposed the zipper slide back, still showing the underwear, the netizen thinks is double act, which Yan Ni himself clarified: "that is me, this is our story together with the Director Study on it, and even underwear are my own choice, I didn’t choose sexy, because this character at home but also with children, but also busy work, often busy without image, cartoon underwear in line with the character of feeling." "Mrs. Long live" teach you how to cause the boss noticed in the "long live the wife", played by Yuan Wenkang Lu Fen is the owner of Yan Ni, not only the cold face and on the staff of the most demanding, so the boss you can hide to hide, you hide, only Yan Ni’s Ye Shuxin "success" attracted his attention. I interrupted the boss and beauty chat, the boss broke the precious porcelain, when the face of employee and boss, contradict the boss grab spaces, the results as can be imagined at the airport, in the most difficult are handed over to Ye Shuxin, constantly detained bonuses, the unemployment has become a housewife, these are Yan Ni "Yan humor" — Interpretation of both real and funny, let the audience laugh tears flying. The two episode tonight, Tianjin TV will broadcast the launch ceremony of "long live" wife, has always been to the "woman", "female parrots" appear on the screen in the life of Yan Ni is a full of gentle, soft spoken of "Little Women", in order to prove his weak side, she also open Jinsang singing "love me tender".相关的主题文章: