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More than 50 speakers gathered together to talk about what? – on Saturday, November 5th, the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong in Shanghai, Pudong New Area ushered in a group of special guests from all over the country". Unlike in the past, these guests are not trainees, they have the same identity – "spokesman". The same day, by the State Council Information Office, China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong hosted the first China news spokesman forum was held, Beijing Youth Daily reporter also at the scene. So many people familiar with the news spokesman poly together, what kind of brainstorming? The State Council departments, local governments, the central enterprises spokesman to BYD reporter noted that in the first "China spokesman forum" lineup can be described as "luxury" and "neat", 28 State Council departments, 19 provinces, 4 central enterprises spokesman who have arrived at the scene, a defense ministry spokesman Yang Yujun development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of transportation spokesman Shen Danyang Xu Chengguang, spokesman for the Ministry of education continued, Ministry spokesman Li Zhong, known as the spokesman of people in attendance. In addition, more than 20 experts and scholars, media leaders also attended the scene. It is worth mentioning that, there are several VIP in the forum address. The country’s new office head Jiang Jianguo 5 days early came to the venue, to prepare for the opening ceremony on the day of the speech. As vice minister, office of the director of the new country he proposed in his speech, press spokesman to have emboldened, good at setting issues, grasp the degree of efficiency when, with all the media. The same day, the former director of the State Council, Zhao Qizheng also came to the scene, the official identity of the removal of his current still often appear in the news spokesperson system and the relevant work of public opinion. One of the guests in the new forum, deputy director of the office of Guo Weimin introduced to the media, Zhao Qizheng has been in the news public opinion work, on July this year, when the South China Sea arbitration farce intensified, Zhao Qizheng also led to Singapore to attend the "think tank" Symposium on advanced problems and regional cooperation in the South China Sea development". As for the Shanghai Municipal Committee, publicity minister Dong Yunhu and party secretary of Fudan University, Jiao Yang, the forum is their home. Before the opening of the forum a few days ago, Jiao Yang’s work has attracted widespread media attention. This time she came to the forum, there is a special significance. 2003 to 2008, she served as the country’s first provincial government spokesman to become Shanghai’s facade". During this important news conference in Shanghai, can see her figure. Dong Guanpeng, a professor at Communication University of China who attended the forum, said Jiao Yang and Wang Xuming, such as the famous spokesman of is known as the "Whampoa  generation", in this field has the significance of the textbook". The spokesman talked about how to respond to the topic of the first Forum on hot sensitive issues as good news stories speak good Chinese speakers". In addition, there are sub forums, topics for the new media environment of the press release, the hot issues of public opinion guidance, "going out" in the process of shaping the image of the country. Department of defense news statement"相关的主题文章: