Ministry of transport the first three quarters of the road traffic accidents fell by up to 2 – Sohu

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  • November 19, 2017
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Department of transportation: the first three quarters of serious road transport accidents fell into 2 Sohu automobile in September 28th, the third quarter of 2016 for road safety analysis and promote the transportation service industry more close to the television and telephone conference held in the Ministry of transport people’s livelihood. A safety director stressed at the meeting, to take effective measures to resolutely eliminate all security risks, grasp the vehicle transport vehicle management. As of September 27th this year, the national road transport traffic accident occurred more than 3 deaths in the accidents and deaths fell by 22.1% and 22.5%, "road transportation safety" work steadily, the security situation of the road transport the whole to maintain a steady trend, serious road transport accidents have been effectively curbed. A stressed to profound lessons of the recent spate of several major accidents lessons, take specific measures to remedy and eliminate the weak links, strengthen and improve transportation safety work. A pointed out that autumn and winter cold wind, snow and other inclement weather prone, accident prone period, the most critical period is to protect the security and stability of the annual road transport. All localities should earnestly implement the instructions of Yang Chuantang, Secretary of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of foreign affairs of the people’s Republic of China, and make use of laws and regulations and public order to solve the problems existing in the passenger transport safety, and strengthen and improve the safety of road passenger transportation work in the light of the law of the people’s Republic of china. To do the "eleven" golden week road transportation security work, earnestly carry out the transportation safety work related documents and dynamic monitoring of the implementation of related work, to further strengthen the safety management of passenger transport and passenger travel in winter. The meeting recently informed the Ministry of transport service department in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, the 10 area car transport management work unannounced visits to check the results. A good start governance, pointed out that the next step, we must continue to do policy measures to learn to communicate, to supervise the area of vehicle logistics enterprises strictly in the transition period of vehicles loaded with the relevant requirements, to ensure adequate supply of road transportation capacity, transportation security network unblocked the two bottom line". 5 the meeting summed up the Ministry of transport service department to promote the implementation of the people’s livelihood and closer to the 2 transportation service informationization foundation to promote the work of the situation, the first three quarters of this year, 7 have achieved initial results. Hebei, Guizhou, Shanxi and other provincial transportation department made a speech at the meeting. (Editor: Xiao misty)相关的主题文章: