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  • April 16, 2018
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Ministry of Agriculture: farmers contracted land exploration should be careful – exit Beijing Beijing News (reporter Wang Shuo) recently, the office of the State Office issued "on the suggestion of perfecting the ownership of land management rights contract rights division to rural area" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Yesterday morning, the Ministry of agriculture minister Han Changfu introduced the "opinions" about the situation, whether on migrant farmers contracted land out of question that the employment of migrant farmers, there is not enough stability, but also keep the contract, so that they can retreat to. The transfer of land farmers into 3 super Han Changfu introduced in recent years, a large number of agricultural population to two or three industry, every package, a farming situation has greatly changed, the main land contracting right with the right to operate the main separation phenomenon is more and more common. As of June this year, the country’s 230 million farmers, the transfer of land farmers more than 70 million, the proportion of more than 30%, the proportion of the eastern coastal developed provinces higher, more than 50%. 230 million farmers or land contractor, but has a large part of the contracted land transfer out, no longer engaged in agricultural production. What are the new subjects? Han Changfu said that these new subjects are family farms, farmers cooperatives, agricultural enterprises. At present, the country has about 2700000 new main body, is the real agricultural production operators. Farmers can pay off the contract in accordance with the law how to protect the farmers’ land contract rights, as well as the right to operate the new business entities? Han Changfu said, on the one hand, the opinions clear strict protection of the right to contract, emphasizing the maintenance of good contract farmers use, circulation of the rights and interests of the contract. On the other hand, accelerate deregulation of land management rights, new business entities in the transfer of land, possession, cultivation and to obtain the corresponding revenue rights. For farmers to withdraw from the land contract rights, Han Changfu said, now a part of the farmers into the city, if he does have real will, according to the law to pay off his contract. "On the issue of farmers’ withdrawal from the contracting land, only a small number of farmers have the will". Han Changfu said that the farmers out of the contracted land, there must be a long enough historical process. China’s rural population, migrant farmers family is one of the few, most of the young people in the city to work, parents, children living in the countryside. In particular, the current downward pressure on the economy, the city’s employment is not so relaxed. The employment of migrant farmers, not stable enough, but also to retain his contract, he makes a sound basis, so the exploration should be cautious.相关的主题文章: