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  • April 16, 2018
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Micro business two thousand yuan slimming products cost just a few dollars effect by "a mouth" – Beijing recently, netizens posted on the network, said by some publicity WeChat public number, add a self proclaimed "slimming teacher" personal micro signal, was persuaded to buy which is 2000 yuan private slimming products custom, found invalid refund. Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey found that these products are similar to the formula of ordinary food, no weight loss function, and the cost of only a few dollars. "Template slimming teacher" reply BYD reporter linked to the online posting said in WeChat’s "slimming teacher" trap Ms. She passed a public number of weight loss articles obtained a micro signal two-dimensional code. The other claiming to be a slimming teacher, in the cause of weight loss in 10 years, and never failed cases. Plus, the public that I believe as if it were raining flowers." According to Ms. Su introduced, the other asked some of their basic information, for their own development of the two weight-loss program, respectively, 3680 yuan for 55 days thin 30 pounds and 3280 yuan thin 30 pounds. Miss Su said, just started eating for more than and 10 days, no effect at all. She asked me to eat a lot, but it didn’t work at all. She told me that after all, I was a freak." Miss Su suspected of being fooled, in the online search to know, there are a lot of people and she is similar to the situation, in the micro business department to buy a high weight loss products, but there is no effect. These victims have established a QQ group, called weight loss deceived discussion group". BYD reporter found that "weight loss deceived discussion group currently has 385 members, each of the victims experience are very similar, although the products are different, but with everyone and is known as" slimming teacher "the dialogue is very similar to WeChat. BYD reporter added a 2 "slimming teacher" according to the micro signal they provide, consult the client’s identity in order to lose weight. The results showed that the questions asked, the body of the interpretation is almost exactly the same template reply. The cost of a few dollars a full mouth with the effect of the QQ group members of the North Green newspaper reporter provides a weight loss information. This is called composite fruit and vegetable enzyme "products, production license number is accessible in the State Food and Drug Administration website, products for" solid beverage ", the enterprise name is the source of Guangzhou beauty Biotechnology Co. ltd.. The packaging of the product on the list of ingredients including integrated plant enzyme, black currant fruit powder, blueberry fruit powder, hawthorn powder, grape, apple fiber fiber, citric acid and fructose. BYD reporter to the identity of the agents linked to the production enterprises, a staff surnamed zhang. The staff member said, there are hundreds of agents commissioned them to produce such products. As long as the client has registered the trademark, you can customize the product from them". These different names and trademarks are exactly the same formula, each bottle is divided into 3 yuan, 5 yuan and 6 yuan three stalls. The staff said that the difference between different products is extractsessence with different concentration of fruits and vegetables. "The extract of fruits and vegetables belongs to ordinary food.相关的主题文章: