Mayor of Shanxi, Linfen to ensure the improvement of air quality at all costs

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  • March 9, 2017
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   China News Agency, Taiyuan, January, 16 (Ren Lina) – Shanxi, Linfen recently due to the high concentration of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere and concern. 16, Linfen mayor Liu Yuqiang of China News Agency reporter said that the environmental problem is the most important problem of people’s livelihood, regardless of cost, without sacrifice, to ensure air quality improvement efforts, let the people breathe fresh air.

according to the Ministry of environmental protection monitoring data in Linfen Chinese showed that weather continued heavy pollution in late December 2016 to early January 2017 in Linfen City, the concentration of sulfur dioxide in a few more than 1000 micrograms / cubic meter, Linfen has become the domestic and international focus.

12 to 14, the Ministry of environmental protection and the government of Shanxi Province, the joint group of experts on Shanxi city of Linfen Province in the atmosphere of high concentration sulfur dioxide to exceed the standard problem of on-the-spot investigation, Linfen interrogation pulse, "prescribing Zhuayao", to put forward countermeasures of sulfur dioxide in Linfen exceed the standard.

on the 16 day, Linfen city once again suffered heavy pollution weather, day 9:55, Linfen will change to the haze haze yellow warning signal orange signal warning signal.

Linfen official on the one hand through television, radio, Internet and other channels, to remind the public attention to the protection work. On the other hand, in response to heavy pollution weather, Linfen to limit production shutdown for coking, electricity, cement and other industrial enterprises…… Reduce the pollution of coal.

Liu Yuqiang said that Linfen will be the difficulties, regardless of the cost, excluding the fight to win or die, sacrifice, increase human material and financial resources, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, to ensure public health