Major general of our army F22 was found to have been warned by Chinese fighter planes when he crashe-yuanjiao

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  • June 4, 2018
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Major general of our army: F22 was found in the East China Sea when he was found to be accompanied by Chinese fighter aircraft warning data map: U.S. F22 fighters recently, military expert Yin Zhuo in an interview with CCTV, said, F22 is definitely not invisible at any time. F22 flew across the East China Sea and was discovered by the pla. Our fighters followed, flew, warned, and so on, and put forward some checks. Yin Zhuocheng, who was discovered by F22, of course, was discovered by our air defense radar. F22 in front of some VHF radar multistatic radar and its stealth capability will be discounted. F22 has a strong front stealth capability, but its lateral, ventral and up looking areas are very large. So when a multistatic radar detects it from different directions, it doesn’t look straight at you, but it’s on the back side of you, and it’s radar reflectivity is a lot bigger. In addition, according to the "national interest" bimonthly website published in February 19th entitled "Chinese radar can track the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter" article, Chinese media claims that Chinese people’s Liberation Army has the ability to track the U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor stealth fighter Chinese in the East sea. Although the United States may easily dismiss China’s report as propaganda, it is not impossible. In fact, China is likely to have the ability to track down Raptor, the article says". Invisibility, after all, does not mean invisibility, stealth technology only delays discovery and tracking. First of all, if a raptor carries an external fuel tank – which is often used when performing an airlift mission, it doesn’t use stealth configuration. In addition, in peacetime operations, the aircraft often equipped with a device Luneburg lens on the ventral side of it, it will also increase it on the radar screen display area.

我军少将:F22闯东海时被发现遭中国战机伴飞警告 资料图:美军F22战机   近日,军事专家尹卓在接受央视采访时表示,F22绝对不是在任何时候都能实现隐身的。F22在东海曾经飞过,并被解放军发现了。我们的战机跟上去,进行伴飞、警告等等并提出了一些查证。   尹卓称,F22究竟是被谁发现的,当然是我们的防空雷达发现的。F22在一些米波雷达以及多基地雷达面前它的隐身能力就会打折扣。F22的正面隐身性能很强,但是 它的侧向、腹视以及仰视等的反射面积都很大。因此多基地雷达,从不同方位对它进行探测以后,它就不是正面朝你,而是背面侧面朝你,这是它的雷达反射面积就 会大很多。   此外,据美国《国家利益》双月刊网站2月19日发表的题为《中国雷达可以追踪美国的F-22“猛禽”隐形战斗机》的文章,中国媒体宣称,中国人民解放军已经有能力在东中国海追踪美国空军的F-22“猛禽”隐形战斗机。虽然美国或许很容易将中国的报道斥之为宣传,但这不是不可能的。   文章称实际上,中国很可能有能力追踪“猛禽”。毕竟,隐形不表示看不见,隐形技术只会推迟发现和追踪。首先,如果一架“猛禽”携带外部燃料箱——它常常在执行“空运任务”时这么做,它就没有采用隐形配置。此外,在和平时期的行动中,这种飞机常常在它的腹侧装有一个卢纳堡透镜装置,这也会增加它在雷达屏幕上的显示面积。相关的主题文章: