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Love me tender KHAKI automatic 42 mm FIELD Hamilton watch watch home – tasting Sohu [watch] tasting often watching Hollywood movies with friends, presumably most know this brand of Hamilton, before every hero mission, most ABSP glance at a specific time, yes, this brand is hamilton. The screen used to see the typical fan in Europe – H home watch – tough rough or avant-garde fashion, one does not know H home and watch it "love me tender". In 2016, the Basel International Jewellery Show, Hamilton launched a "watch — Hamilton KHAKIFIELD automatic blood tenderness" 42 mm watch, with modern Hale of wild wild charm and avant-garde fashion, with a single, specific type of which is H70605943. The appearance of KHAKI is wild view Hamilton 42 mm FIELD automatic mechanical watches, pointing on the appearance of a single eye, you can feel a rough mad wild Pumianerlai, silver stainless steel case, dark green, round dial, in good out of a bandbox, melodious and deep, the same watch strap is dark green, over this case just echoes who says only the whole black dial, only the more domineering, wild collocation. Overlooking the dial design complex, inner scale 12 hours 13-24 hours, an outer scale, 60 (second) clock dial, surrounded the center of the third pin, next to the date display window at the 3 o’clock position with a square, just a third pin design, plus a date display window so, the design is complex, this design is not who. The performance of the dial practical look carefully, you will find that the three "encirclement" is not difficult to understand, the way can bring convenience to our life, 12 hours and 60 minutes (Second Ring) bell ring is used to indicate the time of the second nature, the median 13-24 hours ring looks some complex, but it can save us a little brain, look up at the sky, confirm the morning or afternoon, looking down at a table, you can directly determine the specific time, whether this time is 4:14 or 16:14, don’t think we know. Third pin design and date display window take another look at the dial, third pin design, Arabia digital scale, two kinds of color contrast, built-in 13-24 hour scale, simple atmosphere, and is also very convenient, calendar display window, black and white, a small detail can bring convenience to life table, 42 mm diameter, moderate size, comfortable wear watchband collocation canvas. This watch details so considerate, this is not a "tenderness", is also a kind of what? H quality stainless steel round crown crown, carefully polished, mellow touch comfort, side striped modification, moderate size, easy to grasp the function adjustment, the top mark in the crown imprint with Hamilton H". Watch strap相关的主题文章: