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Lottery 3D16244 phase forecast: one decimal decimal pick up – Sohu lottery 3D 2016243rd lottery number is 446, and the value fell to 14 points, the span fell to 2 points. 2016244 phase 3D test machine prediction analysis: 100: the previous 100 numbers out of 4, the recent hundred number amplitude is 5-5-4-1-1, 1 road amplitude in the latter three continuous hot open, the next phase of 2 amplitude can be used as the focus of attention object. Ten point of view: ten out of date number 4, according to the recent trend analysis of the 30 phase, the 244 phase of the ten properly consider 0 or 2 number. A: the number 6 position, according to the characteristics of the distribution of the number of nearly a week, this period should beware of small numerical warming covering. Even recently three consecutive numbers did not seize the prize the opportunity, from the analysis of nearly 30 award number trend, the next 244 please don’t give up on even the track. Size distribution: the last prize number is proportional to the size of the 1:2 distribution, the recent size of the ball out of a certain regularity, this phase of the decimal situation is expected to continue.

福彩3D16244期预测:个位防小数回暖-搜狐  福彩3D第2016243期开奖号码为446,和值下滑至14点,跨度下滑至2点。2016244期3d试机号前预测分析:   百位:上期百位号码开出4,近期百位号码振幅为5-5-4-1-1,1路振幅在后三期连续热开,接下来的一期2路振幅可作为重点关注对象。   十位看法:十位上期开出号码4,根据最近30期的走势分析,244期十位适当考虑0路或2路号码。   个位:上期号码6落位,根据近一周内出号分布特点,本期应提防小数值增温回补。   连号:最近三期连号都没有抓住出奖机会,从近30期奖号的趋势分析,接下来的244期请不要放弃对连号的追踪。   大小分布:上一期奖号按1:2的大小比例分布,近期大小数出球呈现出一定的规律,本期小数多开形势有望得到延续。相关的主题文章: