Lol developer’s first intern recalls those days of innovation-stand by me shinee

LOL developers early memories of the early days of those days ago, fist game CEO in a media interview revealed that the hero League, the number of monthly active players worldwide has more than 100 million people. Compared to the number of active players released in 2014, the number of 67 million months, the League of heroes, the family apparently ushered in a lot of new members. Accompanied by the growth of the League of heroes, game (Riot Games) has gone through the course of this year. The Losangeles based game developer, it has established 19 branches in the global city, serving from different countries around the world held a number of loyal game player, the audience most tournament history, and in 2015 and 2016 was Forbes magazine as "one of the world’s 100 best employers". Part of the company’s employees have been asked, what makes the fist game so successful? The company adhere to the core game player game development as the target population, determined to be "the world’s most concerned about game player experience" game company, what was experienced in the early days, and how to find their cultural roots, and continuously to the game player to create the hitherto unknown game player experience? If you want to know this, listen to the stories of those who joined the fist game. Fist of the first intern named Paul · Beleza. In addition the fist before the game Paul is keen to quit high school biology teacher’s work, and go to the shop selling game game. In 2006, an accidental opportunity, Paul, co-founder of the fist of the joint venture, and Brandon, became the fist in the history of the first intern in the. From CEO, game developers, to a few interns, everyone is fanatical core players, this company all players are the tradition has been maintained until today. It is this kind of enthusiasm and dedication to the game, but also help them survive the most difficult period in the early days of the company. The first intern Paul · two interns named Geoff ·. Paul as a classmate of Geoff, when the site is found in the search of the text of the recruitment of, was recommended to apply for a job with the Paul. Geoff after the entry, although only responsible for the quality control of the game, but gives employees a high degree of autonomy of the fist game, so that Geoff can participate in the game design, hero creation and other work. Today, still insist on not using the fist "staff" to call fist members, but called them " Rioter" (fist person), given the right to self-determination they are high, to break the tradition with their "fist", create great cool game experience as the core game player. Second Intern Geoff · Zhu third interns named colt · Haarlem. The colt love to play games very much, and help the company to do the game demo test together. At that time the company has Steve · snow that senior game producer and R & D personnel, colt and other game production staff in this area is lack of experience. But for the game, the sincere love for the players, and ultimately help them overcome.相关的主题文章: