Live in the United States, holly, better life

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  • March 14, 2017
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out of the purpose is no longer simply looking for the favorite scenery, and sometimes it can be local food, but now the biggest driving force is a hotel. Product a temperament of the hotel, as to get to know an interesting fun.

Shanghai Haoli Hotel

(Chuansha branch) under the rain in the winter night, a hotel for travel. The hotel is located in Pudong New Area, Chuansha, 20 minutes away from Disney resort, adjacent to Pudong International Airport, close to Metro Line 2. The hotel also offers shuttle service and Disney shuttle service to Shanghai Pudong Airport. From the appearance at first glance you would think is the ordinary business hotel, after entering the City Resort Hotel will accidentally found that this is not a general business hotel but has a personality, let the guests in the bustling city to enjoy a quiet.

although there is no international brand Hotel Majestic atmosphere of the lobby, but when I took the suitcase into the hotel, the hotel at the entrance of the waiter will warmly greeted, will my hand luggage pick up the past, suddenly favor multiplication. After the completion of check-in, take me to the room, about the room facilities, service is particularly thoughtful, super good attitude!

rooms here, each of which is not the same, they condensed their stories and wonderful. There is no conventional standard room, some of the designers and the infiltration of the painstaking details of the mind. Or romantic, or playful, or full of philosophy, with the construction of each room born, people full of curiosity, fall into a reverie.

I live in the real deer, fresh and simple style, with a large number of logs, full of fun, easy and comfortable. In fact, this is a real child, outside the children sleeping tatami, there is a wooden frame bed, a Nordic minimalist style, the walls hung with pictures of the lovely deer, ultra light theme room, every time they meet a childlike parent-child room, feel very relaxed mood, seem to be alive in childhood.

is careful, I close to the maximum of beauty Holly feelings, rooms for the guests of Deluxe milk and cookies; with pajamas instead of the robe; toilet paper are lead-free, environmental protection material; the sink is open, and there is no toilet, and shower room together, so a lot of convenience. To my surprise, there are skin care products on the washstand, hand sanitizer, cleansing oil, Cleansing Cream, toner, essence, emulsion, enough to have 6 sets, and even perfume, hair gel, it is too sweet, presumably the female guest is the best welfare. Toothbrush, slippers are also equipped with children, can consider to prepare the detailed activities dedicated to the children to be worthy of real paternity;