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  • April 16, 2018
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Liu Zhenyun’s new film " " Baoqiang Wang   crash; encounter; directed Escort – media – original title for her daughter: Liu Zhenyun said: don’t pull Baoqiang Wang Liu Zhenyun personally adapted, but to meet the "Baoqiang Wang incident plot". Liu Zhenyun and her daughter attended the new film conference. When the director for her escort, new interpretation of "cuckold epic" in the "shock" of film and television writers, the strength of domestic writers Liu Zhenyun is undoubtedly a film edge deep. He has been involved in the film as a screenwriter, including cell phone, "1942", and even in some of Feng Xiaogang’s films, he also appeared as an actor. In 2016, Liu Zhenyun had two films to meet with the audience. One is to participate in the film old partner Feng Xiaogang director, I am not Pan Jinlian, and the other is his own adaptation of his novel, a top ten thousand sentences, and by his daughter, director of the same name film director Liu Yulin. August 28th, the movie "top ten thousand" set file conference held in Beijing, announced that it will be the world premiere in November 11, 2016, and the release of the trailer and the concept of the concept of posters. Joy puts heart into a man, Liu Zhenyun at the press conference verse frequent, he even in this batch of film praised cooperation, borrowed from the Rio Olympic star Fu Yuanhui saying: "they did not use the force, but to use their talents to shoot a good movie." The story "crash" Baoqiang Wang’s film "one top ten thousand" tells the story of a person suspected of cheating on his wife, she began tracking, in the use of evidence, he picked up the knife, to be or not to be, the film staged "a cuckold’s epic". Someone mentioned the story in the movie seems to Baoqiang Wang and experience some similar, Liu Zhenyun respectfully said: "the treasure is strong is not easy. Treasure is my good friend. I don’t want to take this to him." Liu Zhenyun is behind the baby, do not agree with "no culture" label to Baoqiang Wang, "some people say that the treasure is strong without culture, I strongly disagree. I think Bao Qiang culture is very deep, because there are two books in the world, a book is a big book on the shelf, there is a Book of life, not necessarily read the book out of the University who have a culture." It was also mentioned, "top ten thousand sentences," this book was published in 2009, Baoqiang Wang was also married in 2009. In this regard, Liu Zhenyun is very serious, said: do not pull, "top ten thousand sentences" was shot last year, when the film "top of the top ten thousand", we would also like to ask for the role of the strong po." Liu Zhenyun borrow a "very dear friend," said the film was "a cuckold of epic", and explained: "in life, we focus on the cuckold, but in the works of art, we focus on the epic." Liu Zhenyun to help her daughter on the horse, a top ten thousand of the director by the daughter of Liu Yulin, served as the director of the state of the world, as well as the "top" of the. Liu Yulin is not only beautiful, is a talented woman, her undergraduate student at Communication University of China, to the York University film school graduate school students. 2014)相关的主题文章: