Liu Qiangdong more than a stream of sweat more than others

Liu Qiangdong: more than one thousand drops of sweat on the opportunity to spend more than another person with 20 years of time, the rapid realization of the capital accumulation from zero to trillion, Jingdong Empire valuation of $46 billion, Liu Qiangdong personal worth up to 59 billion! Liu Qiangdong in an interview with the magazine, the reporter asked: what is the best advice in this life? His answer is: from an early age, my parents have told me that more than a stream of sweat more than others. "My parents, my grandfather, they are holding this faith to do things. From the grandfather’s generation, began to sail home generation business shipping, our whole family has always firmly believe that as long as I Hanbi you flow a drop, it means that I have one more chance." So, no matter when Liu Qiangdong asked himself to work harder than others, work hard, study hard, make money, and strive to catch up with her girlfriend… The university four years of hard earned in 1992 about 200000, is the high admission department of sociology at Renmin University of China, with 76 hard boiled egg will go to the capital, said the students a week hadn’t seen Liu Qiang East canteen. This four years to face the moment he is a meal where you earn? In addition to the parents came to the school 500 dollars for living expenses, the Liu Qiangdong plan: I have to make money to feed themselves, put together, not to the parents to try a penny! Every copy of the 2000 envelope 1 to 3 cents in the University for four years, into the school in Liu Qiangdong is not idle, in addition to the class, after-school time to seize every opportunity to make money, when one is for others to copy the envelope, a letter of 3 cents, in order to make more money, he wanted to copy the 2000 day and night ten o’clock to turn off the lights, others are asleep, but Liu Qiangdong moved a small bench to sit in a box to report sitting on the copy, the ten thousand envelope is 600 dollars, a cost of living is so anti copy the envelope. (90s east Liu) swept the Beijing office to make money by selling books 2 every summer he was not going anywhere, the students have a holiday time to sweep the floor to sell books, every morning you ride a bike 28 one by one office, ask people to knock on the door from door to door, holding more than and 20 sample booklet and with a list of books to let others pick, never what his summer vacation travel, not in the house of the sofa fruit TV, summer days through sweat salty, the students of a school, found that Liu Qiang East thin black. Stay up on self-study computer code to make money later, occasionally listen to the students that their professional career is not easy, third began to think of another Liu Qiang east doorway, he began to use at the spare time learning computer programming! Don’t say it was high technology, is now a lot of people can not read, the Congress was not open the door, he was holding a book in the library self-study, 95% of the time spent on programming. Later during the third he leaned against "a sweat" spirit, learn the skill and began to work to make money, the price is 1/10 people, so business is very good, so this guy to stay up late every day to write the program, he also participated in the three big way into order, once earned 200 thousand!!! The hotel opened 1 years working for 2 years to pay off the huge loss of 200 thousand overnight money, fourth and another of the restaurant, because of class, age is not light.相关的主题文章: