Lithuania, Vilnius Baroque style of the oldest city in Eastern Europe

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  • March 14, 2017
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about 35 friends of Lithuania, happened to hit the local weekend, want to live a full and happy three days? Come to Vilnius, the capital and largest city of Lithuania.

if your weekend here in , or three days, we see Vilnius beautiful scenery, exotic taste delicious, with art museum to open a private custom weekend trip.

Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, little and dainty is a beautiful Baroque Town, has a great attraction to weekend travelers. It is the largest city in Eastern Europe, but also a vivid record of many historical disputes.

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The castle

Gediminas Hill (Upper Castle) is an important symbol of Lithuania.

[GEDIMINAS HILL] Gediminas mountain

Vilnius was built on a hill 48 meters above sea level, since people from the Neolithic age have been settled in the. Castle on the mountain’s history can be traced back to fifteenth Century, 360 degree panoramic view overlooking the whole city here, the scenery is particularly spectacular sunset. A branch of the National Museum in Lithuania is located in the mountains of the tower, which displays 16 to eighteenth Century (; about 26 yuan).


, Loki Restaurant

‘s first meal in Vilnius, Lithuania’s traditional food will make you intoxicated. Follow the big wooden bear, you will find it in the very famous local and cheerful atmosphere of the restaurant. It is located in the sixteenth Century vaulted cellar, the cellar was once part of a merchant house. This restaurant is professional cooking venison, such as venison, roast quail with pear and blueberry, even beaver meat stewed mushrooms. A lot of dishes, maybe you never heard. If you normally compare love taste venison, can according to their own sense of order. Maybe you’ll get a lot of surprises. In any case, from the mind to the tongue and stomach, this will be an unforgettable adventure in your life, "" (Stikli? Gatv? 8; noon to midnight; the main course is $56).

[B? SI TRE? IAS Beer Bar]

local people know that it is a good place to enjoy the affordable Lithuania lunch. Alcohol;