Lijiang travel to these places to see the scenery will not be crowded

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  • March 18, 2017
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if you use a word to describe Lijiang, maybe you only think about the affair, it can only be said, you really haven’t been to Lijiang, take off the impetuous secular coat, where it represents Lijiang’s temperament and soul.

in the village of Nanxi, listening to the voices of flowers bloom

Nanxi Village

a spotless place, Lijiang Naxi minority village hypo highest style rich, known as little Shangri-La. Here is the most famous flowers in summer, flowers into the sea, cattle and sheep sell meng. So quiet, so fairy tale, here, you can touch the years of quiet good appearance. In the late winter and early spring, you can feel the peace of the countryside.

traffic: chartered to ride or ride a bike.

tickets: no

is in Anxiang, the most pure farm taste

Tai Xiang

Lijiang, the most famous potato Town, the back garden, summer, potato and rape flowers open, the United States suffered. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain under the virgin land, colorful clouds flower field, heavenly paradise……

traffic: Lijiang to Taian 27 kilometers, no buses, but there are a lot of van and taxi in the city of Lijiang, to discuss the price. You can also choose to ride, but have a good physical strength, to go up when the road, it is easy to return.

tickets: no

in the nine sub sea, watch the mysterious sinkhole

nine sub sea

slipped from heaven earth yaochi Jasper, a forgotten world outside the village. The glittering Bazi Shenquan, meadow nine Haizi beauty glance. 5 to November, the nine son of the sea flowers everywhere, beautiful.

traffic: Nine sub sea is not good, only suitable for off-road vehicles or on foot to enter. Need 4 hours on foot; if chartered, the requirements of the car is relatively high. Road is very exciting, difficult but not long, driving about 1 hours.

tickets: no

in Qingxi reservoir, see the new shoot wedding

Qingxi reservoir

it is not a scenic spot, but it is Lijiang’s favorite little paradise. Only people who live in Lijiang know that this is one of the best places to shoot Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. In the small courtyard in the baking sun, talk about trivial things.

city traffic: Lijiang 3 bus.

tickets: open all day, no tickets.

in Baisha Town, feel the years long

Baisha Town

Lijiang’s first handsome appearance, it has no quiet Old Town of Lijiang. The old town of many nuts, so the ancient town of english;