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  • November 18, 2017
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Liaoning launched ten initiatives to boost the real economy   cost reduction — Liaoning channel — September 30 Shenyang Xinhua (Xiao Yuan) to promote the supply side structural reform, recently, the Liaoning provincial government promulgated the "cost work plan" to reduce the real economy enterprises in Liaoning Province, launched a tax reduction is not only increasing and reducing corporate social security payment of ten measures to boost the real economy, cost reduction. Reduce the cost of the real economy, to effectively deal with the current economic downward pressure, enhance the ability of sustainable economic development is of great significance. Liaoning will deepen the "management services" reform, to create a better business environment for enterprises; break the geographical segmentation and monopoly industries, the construction of a fair competitive market environment; reasonable to reduce service charges, reduce the burden on enterprises. At the same time, establish a sound working mechanism to promote innovation, optimize the industrial layout, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the cost reduction. Through the introduction of the ten initiatives, Liaoning enterprises will get more benefits. From the external environment, at present, Liaoning is fully open replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot, to ensure that all industry tax burden is not only reduced growth; clean up and standardize charges related enterprises, to cancel a number of relief government funds and other measures to reduce the tax burden of enterprises. By reducing the cost of intermediate links, the development of small and medium financial institutions, and guide enterprises to use low-cost funds abroad, can effectively reduce the cost of financing. We will improve the environment for the development of the logistics industry, clean up the unreasonable service charges, speed up the reform of the energy sector, improve the system of land supply, and save the cost of logistics and land use for the development of enterprises. From the enterprise itself, "Liaoning province to reduce the cost of the real economy enterprises work plan" clearly reduce the enterprise social security contribution ratio and improve the housing provident fund system and other measures for the enterprise reasonable to reduce labor costs. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of capital turnover, Liaoning will carry out a pilot investment loan linkage support technological innovation; clean up and standardize the security field of engineering construction, to reduce the fund; strengthen financial restructuring, resolve corporate debt risk chain. To encourage enterprises to carry out the internal potential, strengthen the promotion of advanced technology and the target cost management, guide enterprises to reduce costs by means of information technology. (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章: