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  • June 4, 2018
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Large Moqi report: want to make money with us over the proposal back to FX168 FX168 financial news online week has reported the crow mouth Goldman (Goldman Sachs) in the prediction of embarrassments, and another well-known investment bank Morgan Stanley had "volunteered" to say: if you want to make money, only to follow their advice back to it ok. Adam Parker, chief stock strategist at Morgan Stanley, admits that Morgan is still uncertain about the future of the market. He also sent the most direct and sincere Confessions of Wall Street so far". (picture source: Morgan Stanley) looking forward to the trend in 2016, Parker bluntly told his client, he really is not sure what the stock market will happen in the future, which may be the minds of many forecasters think, but do not want to say "true words."". Parker specifically mentions that no one can predict the long-term P / E ratio of the S & P 500 index a few years later. In a report last Tuesday, Parker wrote that if some of the team’s recommendations came back, their clients would be better off in 2016. Parker said that a final result that might be the opposite of the forecast is the team’s bet on financial stocks. According to Barron’s (Barron ‘s), Parker and its team rated the financial shares as "Overweight" in April last year, the first time in seven years. But the trend is reversed: (source: Investing, FX168 financial network) Parker wrote in the latest report: our portfolio suggested that the recent performance is quite bad. For those who follow our advice, we performed 2011-2015 in five years is good, but our investment portfolio in January this year has suffered a month within 61 months of the worst, but the situation has not improved in February. The market is more depressed than we expected. Our biggest bet has been on financial stocks. As a recent investor told us at a conference, "I did a lot of things, but I had no confidence". With our proposal, the reverse operation may be better. It’s a weird world! It’s conceivable that Parker won’t be the only strategist to admit that the estimates are inaccurate. Just last weekend, Wall Street’s top strategists released the end of year forecast for the S & P 500 index. It’s worth noting that after only six weeks in 2016, many strategists began to slash year-end estimates. Proofreading: Changyang goes into Sina Finance shares

大摩奇葩报告:想赚钱跟我们建议反着来   FX168讯 FX168财经网上周曾经报道了乌鸦嘴高盛(Goldman Sachs)在预测方面的糗事,而另一知名投行摩根士丹利却竟然“自告奋勇”地透露:要想赚钱,只要跟着他们的建议反着来便可以了。   摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)首席股市策略师Adam Parker坦言,他仍然不确定市场未来将怎样走。他还发出了华尔街迄今为止最直接、最真诚的“自白”。 (图片来源:摩根士丹利)   展望2016年走势,Parker直截了当地告知其客户,他真的不确信股票市场未来会发生什么,这可能是许多预测人士心中所想、却不愿说出来的“真心话”。   Parker特别提及,没有人能够预测几年后标普500指数的远期市盈率。   Parker在上周二的一份报告中写道,假如跟其团队的部分建议反着来,他们的客户在2016年的日子会更加好过。   Parker表示,一项最终结果可能与预测完全相反的交易便是其团队在金融股上的押注。   根据《巴伦周刊》(Barron’s),Parker及其团队在去年4月对金融股的评级为“超配”(Overweight),为七年来首现。   但走势却完全相反: (图片来源:Investing、FX168财经网)   Parker在最新的报告中写道:   我们的投资组合建议近期表现相当糟糕..对于那些遵循我们建议的人来说,2011-2015的五年中我们的表现的确不错,但我们的投资组合在今年1月份却遭遇了61个月内最糟糕的一个月份,而局面在2月并没有改善。市场低落程度比我们预想的更大。我们最大的押注一直在金融股。就像近期一名投资者在一次会议上告诉我们的那样,“我做了许多事情,但却毫无信心”。跟着我们的建议反向操作可能会更好点。这真是个怪异的世界!   可以想见的是,Parker不会是承认预估失准的唯一一名策略师。   就在上周末,华尔街顶级策略师们发布了标普500指数年底预测,值得注意的一点是,进入2016年仅六周后,许多策略师开始纷纷削减年底预估。   校对:长阳 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: