Kyoto flower road

I also wonder why people in the country like to travel to Japan, why the Japanese travel notes and Raiders to do their best to beautify the Japanese attractions, really a little over. Think about it for a couple of reasons: first, the geographical distance between Japan and china. The two is the history of the origin of the two countries and many overseas Chinese living in Japan, visiting relatives and friends began to flock to now. Three is obviously affected by the Taiwanese, a lot of Japanese tourist routes, freedom is also modeled after the Taiwanese, it seems that the relationship between Taiwan and Japan are not clear, see Teresa Teng’s popularity in Japan will know. I was in a lot of friends persuaded to travel to Japan, from the heart of Japan has been rather baffling underestimate China also underestimate the island of Taiwan, and then went to Japan to travel it is still not what good estimates of this blog swept those Japanese fans. The impressions of Japan’s tourism are summarized as follows. The good aspects of the Japanese is very hard work, serious work, steadfast, very clean, Chinese people really want to learn. Do not love the place, conservative, religious superstition is very serious. Now the almost slavish people is very strong, the status of women is very low, the hierarchy is especially strong, travel time Japanese English is worse than Chinese, hotel front desk is almost always able to communicate in english. Expensive in Japan, can only eat breakfast, dinner is not enough to eat, but also do not like Japanese food, in addition to raw fish taste delicious, other Japanese food really can not stand on the table, not to eat. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing special in Japan. It is purely personal. I don’t want to go to Japan. I think there will be a large number of people coming to japan. This blog will certainly be introduced by the users like to see the photos, I believe a lot of friends will follow.

Japanese friendly attitude towards the Chinese people is just out of courtesy, too many rules. I have been invited to visit a Japanese artist, guest Front Gate, master but go door, to show the friendly ceremony, a bit hypocritical. However, the guests to eat things are really poor, proof of their life is very thrifty, not waste. I can’t stand it anyway, I’m still used to the Western European lifestyle.

photos of this blog are taken in the Kyoto flower path Hanamikoji Dori, Higashiyam Ku, and Jin market Nishiki Market.

Japanese girls are pretty generous, the camera never coy, Chinese is not on the table, with little experience.

Kyoto old house more, say Kyoto is built in China’s Xi’an. There;