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  • November 17, 2017
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Knowledge about eggs: how to store? Can not eat more than one? – Shanghai Channel – People’s original title: on the knowledge of eggs: how to store? Can not eat more than one? Chinese Nutrition Society released the Chinese people’s attention to the big data white paper, the eggs as one of the top ten nutritious foods. Egg protein contains the amino acids required by the human body; egg yolk contains choline, but also promote brain development, improve memory and other benefits. But do you know the following interesting facts about eggs? Can not eat more than an egg a day? Medical care expert Dai Guangqiang said: "there is no need to ask, the American medical profession," Journal of the American Medical Association "had published relevant experimental papers show that healthy people eat an egg every day 1~2, and will not affect the body’s cholesterol levels." Although the egg yolk cholesterol, but it also contains another nutrient lecithin, it helps to improve blood flow, reduce the harm of bad cholesterol and fat on the vascular wall, can promote the regression of vascular wall of atherosclerotic plaque, described as "vascular scavenger". According to current knowledge, the highest content of lecithin in all foods containing egg yolk. In addition, the body’s blood cholesterol 80%~90% is the body’s own synthesis of the liver, only 10%~20% from the food, food cholesterol is not equivalent to cholesterol in the human body. Yolk benefits so much? You do not like to eat? 1 egg yolk is rich in nutrition. Egg yolk contains antioxidants, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron, selenium, biotin, phosphorus, choline, and other micronutrients. 2 cholesterol in the diet can lead to heart disease is not scientific. The study showed little association between dietary cholesterol and high blood cholesterol levels. The liver itself produces cholesterol, so if there are more cholesterol in the diet, the liver produces less cholesterol. Eat a full range of food to help digestion. Eat egg white, will make the body feel not eat a whole food. In other words, the body will have a desire for the rest of the food, so eat the whole thing. The whole egg is delicious. Eating egg whites can be boring, even when people start looking for alternatives to liquid eggs. They lose nutrients in the process, and they don’t have good eggs. Storage is to live: egg head up, only 10 days 1 big egg to senior Chinese cooking teacher Li Wendong said, because the proportion of less than the egg yolk protein, egg will head up, head down, stored upright and even protein thinning, also won’t happen quickly by Huang and skin phenomenon. This can prevent microbial invasion of egg yolk, but also conducive to ensure the quality of egg. 2 pay attention to the isolation of fresh eggs is a life, it needs to constantly through the pores of the shell to breathe, so has the function of absorbing odor. If stored in the process with garlic, leeks and other bad smell of food mixed, then the egg will smell, affecting the effect of eating. 3 do not seal the national food inspection相关的主题文章: