Kim Ki-duk came to China to film in the visa issue is affected by what noreply

Kim Ki-duk came to China to film in the visa issue is affected by what? Tencent (the entertainment news for his new film director Kim Ki-duk Raimi) – "godless" martial arts film prepared for more than a year, but now it has suffered a reef. In August 31st, according to the South Korean film industry news, director Kim Ki-duk directed the film "godless" because, need to get Chinese work visa. But now the visa has not come out, and did not give a clear reason. Director Kim Ki-duk the plan in October to start filming "godless in Chinese". If his visa problem is still not resolved, he will be possible as a general director in South Korea to guide the work of China’s remote director. The movie "godless" in the background of the ancient kingdom of Asia, the worship of nature and advocating religious Kingdom between the tribal war stories presented by the Buddhist allegory. Disney, former chairman of the · (Dick Cook) founded by the ·, Cook studio (DCS) will be in Hangzhou, China, as the production of film and television production Co., Ltd., a joint venture to participate in the production of the film in. The budget is about $37 million, is a big cost masterpiece. Kim Ki-duk with "Pieta" won the Venice International Film Festival Golden Lion Award, his unique film enjoys a high reputation in the world, has also been widely recognized. He will also be the focus of the Chinese martial arts film in Korea, has become a hot topic. "In the" godless angle, to actress Liu Yifei sent a proposal in action, may guidance will be chaired by Yuen Wo Ping, is currently under active discussion. However, Kim Ki-duk, who was supposed to be directing the film, is stuck on the visa. Some South Korean media speculation that there may be a recent event fallout Sade director Kim Ki-duk to obtain a visa. In this regard, Kim Ki-duk director said, although the issue of visas has indeed been delayed, but because the film is still in the selection phase, there is still room for. Everything is being prepared, but we will pay close attention to the problems caused by the delay." Kim Ki-duk’s new film "net" was nominated for the seventy-third Venice International Film festival. "Network" starring Liu Shengfan, Li Yuangen and other actors will attend the opening ceremony of the Venice International Film Festival with director Kim Ki-duk. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: