[Kenya] former residence of Karen (above)



, Nairobi’s former residence of Karen, when I entered the yard, I think of the movie "out of Africa", think of that kind of love know coffee Karen love love road twists and turns. Every day, friends from all over the world come here to visit, of course, mainly in Europe and the United states.

, pictured above, is not a compacted gravel road, the roadside two cactus is not a tree, it’s not too long.

, look at the house, and the columns support the veranda, feel very familiar.

, a "welcome", took me back to the reality from meditation, the museum staff have been warmly welcomed. He led me to the right side of the house, which was the entrance and the entrance. After payment, immediately there will be a guide to come over, and then lead me to the big front yard under the tree, as the picture shows, he should be here to introduce Karen’s life, and she lived in Kenya during the period, in some representative story experience. Because I have seen the film, so the narrator’s words are more picture and appeal.

, this is Karen was planted in Kenya coffee, coffee used to transport vehicles, the need to use the cow, you can pull a ton of coffee beans.

, a year, Fordson tractor and tractor in Europe in the 1950s, it has been widely used in the farm.

The first general

, Karen’s former residence, area of acres, the most distant from the Nong mountains, as several people shape after a fist on the back of the beck. At the foot of the mountain, Karen’s lover was buried, and down again, a river, and in the house of Karen, from the year of the year, the following crops were her coffee, and then there was the airport. Karen built a school, built a dam, and set aside a piece of land, including the front facilities for local residents free of charge.

, the mountain in the distance, such as the shape of people after a fist hand bone, clearly visible.

, the little boy on the wall, is a Somali, he is very smart, Karen for his study, he grew up, returned to Somalia, became a good lawyer. This painting, also from the hands of Karen. Next to the painting was a beautiful girl, who was said to have been the most expensive bride, when the bride was married.

, here is Karen’s reception room, the telephone from the Danish capital Copenhagen, a communications company Kjobenhavns TelefonAktieselskab, but at that time in Kenya, a no electricity, no two line, so, with this";