Kan Qingzi sparrow circle of powder to the Republic of modern modeling full control (video) luonv

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  • November 16, 2017
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Kan Qingzi "sparrow" ring powder to the Republic of China modern modeling of full control _15 > > > sparrow;; click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news recently, starring the strength of small artistes Kan Qingzi spy war drama revolution "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit crisis. The true identity of the Republic of China, Kan Qingzi incarnation of actor Li Xiaonan and to conceal the underground revolutionaries. Papertrail Francis, optimistic boy was like a sun flower ", and the" super girl fans "appearance, let the audience in a tense drama worried at the same time, frequently amused. Equally impressive, and Kan Qingzi in the play of the magnificent style, more fans exclaimed: "whether it is installed or the modern style, clear all the United States and the United States!" Kan Qingzi interpretation of the dual interpretation of the strength of the "Super Fans" in the "sparrow", Kan Qingzi played by the appearance of a lively and cheerful is the real heart of the underground party members, Dr. Li Xiaonan". In the current scenes in the underground, her identity has not been revealed, with Chen Shen (Li Yifeng) "super girl fans" identity. Warm porridge send snowy night, hand woven scarf, shouted Chen did not marry non deep, all kinds of tricks Qi gentlemans God, always burning flame of love. Although the role of seemingly silly white sweet, but Kan Qingzi to the pinnacle of acting, the role played anthomaniac face very rich level. When Li Xiaonan looked proudly Chen deep oath sovereignty "I do not want to be your brother, I want to be your wife," many sister image of this careless, dare to love and hate from screen out. And when to send Chen deep soup, Kan Qingzi and the embodiment of expression package "fast boast me", his joy completely hide, vivid interpretation of a many sister everyday, so many friends have called many sister circles carry handle". From the modern to the Republic of China News Kan Qingzi funny elf suction eye of numerous drama Kan Qingzi plays Li Xiaonan as an actor, every appearance dress is also very carefully. The first, she was dressed in a red coat collocation retro hair and black veil hat stunning debut, full of amorous feelings. In an instant, Kan Qingzi and bow head Dai Fugu a light hat collocation suits, wearing exquisite accessories, gentle and generous woman ran out. In such a spy drama, Kan Qingzi in the audience dress really shines. The play is "fan girl" Kan Qingzi Xiwai funny character, she reduced. A group of street shortly before the exposure of the film, attack the gas is up over short hair style his many sisters. White sweater collocation metal zipper black skirt, and Red Cross Chanel packet, full of funny elves fan children, full of boyfriend wind, many fans call "Qing zi! For her!" "Long hair and short hair drama drama! Sense of fashion!" With the "sparrow" hit, the development of the plot is more and more ups and downs, played by Kan Qingzi Li Xiaonan will also uncover the identity of the underground revolutionaries. But Chen and her dark side is the negative responsibility, mission responsibility, a life is love, then how will Li Xiaonan in the troubled times for choice, let us wait and see!相关的主题文章: