Jinghai seasoning with strict fraud dens investigating fraud dens 3 detained 7 people

Jinghai seasoning with strict fraud dens: investigating fraud dens 3 detained 7 people

the evening of January 16th, the Jinghai Municipal Committee held an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee, to convey the spirit of Party Secretary Li Hongzhong, mayor Wang Dongfeng’s instructions, and report the fraud dens Duliu town seasoning. Serious reflection, learn a lesson, replicability, immediate action, the rapid development of food and drug safety inspection organizations in the region.

it is understood that in January 16th, "dozens of spices fraud dens gathered in Tianjin Duliu town every day thousands of fake spices sent to the country" and the related report caused widespread repercussions. Jinghai district government attaches great importance to the deployment of the investigation immediately. Jinghai district government from the district market supervision bureau, Public Security Bureau, Commerce Commission, territorial Township and other emergency departments deployed more than 80 people to form a joint law enforcement team, led by the district leadership in Duliu town to carry out a comprehensive investigation; as of noon, has been investigating the seasoning fraud dens 3, seized 4 boxes of incense Wang Shouyi thirteen meter 18.4 kg, more than 4 thousand liters of counterfeit soy sauce, vinegar and filling machine and other items.

On the afternoon of 16

, vice mayor of Comrade Sun Wenkui to the Jinghai site command, and make instructions: to set up a working group to carry out a dragnet, carpet investigation for all village street Duliu Town, mainly to check the quality of products are qualified, product process, and whether the target range is not valid, so the investigation work around the village, every household do not fall. For illegal businesses resolutely banned. The businesses selling fake and shoddy products shall be sealed, fake and shoddy products to ensure market circulation. For suspected crimes by the public security organs according to law. For the procurement, processing, logistics and other aspects of selling counterfeit and shoddy products multi angle tracking, timely recovery of fake and shoddy products.

Jinghai district was established after the disposal of the leading group, on-site deployment command. The organization of more than 100 people divided into 7 groups on the Duliu town 28 village street door for investigation, at the same time to the Ministry of public security, the State Food and Drug Administration inspection team report to investigate the situation, timely guidance and support work. As of 12 o’clock in the evening, the public security departments have been detained by the people involved in the case of 7.

the next step, Jinghai District in the city market supervision committee and the Municipal Public Security Bureau under the strong support, to speed up the verification of the relevant information on the investigation, criminal clues, timely find out the number of fake goods, the flow of sales, and severely punish illegal acts, the first time to the public and to investigate the results of investigation and verification.