Ji’nan, the most stringent new regulations meat and vegetable circulation operators must be light ca-hamimelon

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  • June 4, 2018
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Ji’nan’s most stringent new regulations: meat and vegetable circulation operators must be bright sales, "Ji’nan meat and vegetable circulation traceability system operation and management measures" recently implemented. Our city has suggested that the circulation manager of meat and vegetables should actively provide consumers with sales information containing meat and vegetable traceability information. 3The traceability of meat and vegetables in circulation (hereinafter referred to as meat traceability), refers to the establishment of meat traceability management system as the core, through the use of information technology to realize electronic information, transaction information, form traceable, verifiable whereabouts, responsibility can be traced the source of traceability accountable mechanism. The meat and vegetable circulation operators, including the wholesale and retail units for meat and vegetables, meat and vegetable group consumption units, and export agricultural products bases. This way, the operator shall correctly use the meat and vegetables circulation traceability electronic scale, provide sales documents containing meat traceability information to consumers actively; timely day trading data and other related information of meat traceability system input in accordance with the regulations, transfer to the city of meat traceability management platform, import the "circulation service card", and generate the electronic ledger. When meat and vegetable quality and safety problems occur, the meat and vegetable circulation enterprises, units and market sponsors should actively cooperate with commercial departments and other relevant administrative departments to trace the origin of meat and vegetable information, and provide the relevant data and upstream managers information truthfully.

济南最严新规:肉蔬流通经营者必须亮证销售   《济南市肉类蔬菜流通追溯体系运行管理办法》最近实施。我市提出,肉类蔬菜流通经营者应主动向消费者提供载有肉菜追溯信息的销售凭证。   办法所称肉类蔬菜流通追溯(以下简称肉菜追溯),是指以建立肉菜追溯管理系统为核心,通过运用信息技术手段,实现交易信息的电子化、信息化,形成来源可追溯、去向可查证、责任可追究的溯源追责机制。办法所称肉类蔬菜流通经营者,包括从事肉类蔬菜批发、零售的单位和肉类蔬菜团体消费单位,以及出口农产品基地。   办法提出,肉类蔬菜流通经营者应当正确使用溯源电子秤,主动向消费者提供载有肉菜追溯信息的销售凭证;及时将当日交易数据等相关信息按照规定输入肉菜追溯子系统,传输到市肉菜追溯管理平台,导入《流通服务卡》,并生成电子台账。发生肉类蔬菜质量安全问题时,肉类蔬菜流通经营企业、单位和市场开办者应当积极配合商务等有关行政管理部门进行肉类蔬菜信息追踪溯源,主动如实提供有关数据和上游经营者信息。相关的主题文章: