Jiangsu Xinyi small mills illegal production of new net steel responsible person detained in-quickchm

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  • April 15, 2018
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Jiangsu Xinyi small mills illegal production of "new net steel" responsible person detained in the central broadcasting network Xinyi on September 19th news (reporter Liu Chen?) China according to voice of the "national network news" reported that the iron and steel industry to resolve the overcapacity and coal from the development of the inter ministerial Joint Conference Office recently informed the Jiangsu Xinyi illegal production and sales of small steel mills "steel", at present, the directly responsible person has been detained. Recently, Jiangsu Xinyi was exposed to the "land of steel plant has been filed for investigation, the person in charge directly responsible and other three people had been detained. Production facilities and simple plant has been removed. Officials located in Wayao town Xinyi city development and Reform Commission and the economic and Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments were sentenced to dismissal, dismissal, expulsion from the party and other sanctions, including 2 people suspected of dereliction of duty investigation by prosecutors. "Steel" generally refers to the steel products of counterfeit. Although from the beginning of 2002, "steel" has been clear for the elimination of production capacity, China has repeatedly organized on investigating the land of steel, but often treatment after a period of time, fake and shoddy products and return to the market. The reason is now part of steel enterprises have even the name of the enterprise make only superficial changes that do not contain iron and steel ". Furthermore, if the scrap material is pure, some steel enterprises can produce the standard steel, ordinary audit approach is difficult to find its trace. In addition, the local government in the tax and employment considerations, there is also a reason for appeasement. A person who was found in the ground strip steel has said: no one to check. I pay taxes about 10000000 a year! Is not a key enterprise? The town government is not to rely on us to feed? The town government is more anxious than us." In September 12th, coal iron and steel industry to resolve the overcapacity and the office of inter ministerial joint conference from the development work to Ming Chuan telegram form issued "bulletin", and "the illegal behavior requirements of steel" resolutely combat, demanded a dragnet comprehensive survey, it found a play, and together, exposure together, resolutely do not stay dead. The national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin said: "in the fight against illegal manufacture and sale of new steel production and steel products, not firmly resolve excess capacity is weak, even in local protection, illegal production and selling steel enterprises to act as an umbrella, to report, to seriously pursue the relevant leaders and related personnel responsibilities according to law."相关的主题文章: