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  • April 17, 2018
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Japan’s visit to the United States prefer to experience traditional Chinese medicine   – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: National Institute of traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to promote acupuncture and moxibustion experience. "Chinese medicine is around us, and it is a very effective medicine." September 5th, approved by the Ministry of foreign affairs Chinese, China Embassy in Japan and the government of Japan Institute of personnel organization of Japanese civil servant delegation in the international exchange and cooperation China Branch Association of minority medicine organization, came to the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, to understand Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage experience. Baihui, Hegu and sanyinjiao…… When the Department of acupuncture rehabilitation ward head Xia Shuwen lightly twisted needles fast and shallow needling, the delegation head, Japan Institute of personnel officer Morinaga Ko still face with a smile, no obvious nervous color. He said to his colleagues, acupuncture is not terrible, these are commonly used health and safety points, my wife is a fan of traditional Chinese medicine, not only moxibustion, but also learn how to massage." "In Japan, there are traditional Chinese acupuncture, massage specialized educational institutions and training schools, and the formation of a personnel training to health care service system." Morita Takashi is from the Japanese Ministry of Health (mainly responsible for health and social security) officials, his job responsibilities include the protection of Japan’s national health and medical insurance, medical services etc.. He told reporters that the use of traditional Chinese medicine in Japan is more common, traditional Chinese medicine massage hall, postoperative rehabilitation hospital is not uncommon. Professional training is necessary, we hope that more qualified people to operate acupuncture, otherwise there will be some trouble." Morita Takashi said. "From the cupping is changed into a vacuum tank, to moxibustion, with Chinese plaster dressing, the Japanese local also constantly innovating traditional diagnosis and treatment project." Morinaga Ko said. In this regard, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital President Liu Qingquan also said he hoped that the delegation of Japan’s visit to China will be able to experience the concept of modern Chinese medicine treatment and methods to facilitate further cooperation in the future of medicine. "Experience of traditional Chinese medicine has gradually become a government organization in the specific itinerary of the delegation’s routine." The activities of the organizers, China Institute of ethnic medicine international exchanges and cooperation, executive vice president and Secretary General Yang Kai said that last year following the Japanese youth delegation of Chinese medicine civil servants experience activities achieved good response, the Japanese delegation interested in traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage has been stimulated, the Department of Foreign Affairs in a visit to China again in the arrangement of experience of traditional Chinese medicine, designed by Xuan tell a good story Chinese medium, internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine and promote national medicine, enhance the understanding and communication of Chinese and Japanese people. (Wei Min) (: Sheng, commissioning editor Quan Juan)相关的主题文章: