Japanese media Yokohama big hospital poisoning case was traced suspected to have killed 48 people in 8l9840

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  • November 16, 2017
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Japanese media: Yokohama big hospital poisoning case traced suspected 48 deaths – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, according to Japanese media reported on 29, the Japanese city of Yokohama Kanagawa District big hospital traced suspected poisoning case 48 people died. According to Japanese media reported earlier, located in Yokohama District, Kanagawa, Japan, the hospital has occurred in two cases of poisoning deaths in hospital patients. According to the survey, the relevant sources, remains in the 4 layers of nurses in the unused points on duty room, there are about 10 people were opened a small hole. According to reports, in addition to the death of two people, there are also a small hole on the rest of the. Kanagawa, Japan police believe that there is a special aim at the patient, with the needle into the intravenous drip mixed with the possibility of disinfectant, and to investigate. Japanese media pointed out that the small hole in the protection of the rubber plug on the part of the chip was found. When injected, the sheet will be removed. The bag part not leaving holes or obvious scars, the Japanese police are moving towards sb. Be familiar with medical device of the injection needle is inserted into the rubber plug from the direction of the film above the identification of the contents. On the other hand, due to the elasticity of rubber, it is impossible to see clearly the trace of the needle. It is understood that the Yokohama city Kanagawa County Japan big hospital "before the spate of hospitalized elderly patients with poisoning deaths. Local time on the morning of September 20th, a 88 year old patient Yamaki Nobuo died in the hospital ward, found that the abnormal presence of nurses in the infusion bag immediately after the alarm, the results of the forensic autopsy showed lethal poisoning. 23, 2009, police in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, suspected that it was a case of foreign body ingestion by infusion of the murder of patients, to investigate. In September 26th, the police announced the evening of September 18th in the hospital died in a 88 year old patient Xichuan Tibet is poisoning Department?. Police sources said, people suspected of using the nursing system weak three vacation, mixed with disinfectant to the transfusion bag. The infusion bag will be transferred from the locked storage place to the unlocked nursing station during the break. Kanagawa County police suspect that people familiar with the internal situation of the hospital premeditated crime. The police in the nursing station without the use of about 50 bags of transfusion bag to carry out the survey found that there a bag on the rubber seal. Including death with poisoning patients and 2 other infusion bag name outside the police that someone is trying to kill many patients. According to police and hospital news, during the September 17 to 19 consecutive holidays, the hospital entered the system working holiday. And died of poisoning for surfactant disinfectant in the Xichuan? Tibet and Yamaki Nobuo in the 4 floor of the ward nurse entered the day after the evening of 17, 3 people, 2 people on duty shift working holiday system, the number of less than normal. As a result of even Hugh, the hospital on the morning of 17, will be scheduled to give patients the use of infusion bags (the amount of the amount of 3 days) from the general assembly of the Department of Medicine on the ground floor of the building was transferred to the nursing station on the 4 floor. According to reports, the nursing station is open unlocked, even Hugh to the nurse during ward rounds, so some time in. Kanagawa police suspect that people familiar with the hospital care system.相关的主题文章: