Japan and South Korea to restart military intelligence protection agreement negotiations to complete pullip

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  • November 19, 2017
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Japan and South Korea to restart negotiations to complete the signing of gsomia – Beijing, Beijing, November 2, according to Japanese media reports during the year, 1 local time, the government of Japan and South Korea to sign the shared secret information security field in Japan and South Korea "military intelligence protection agreement" (GSOMIA), when every 4 years to restart the Ministry of foreign affairs and defense departments director level consultations. It is reported that Japan and South Korea will accelerate the progress of the work, and strive to complete the signing before the end of the year. The same day, the Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs in Northeast Asia Division, Kimi Jungshiaki and South Korean Foreign Affairs and defence departments responsible persons attended the consultation meeting. Reported that the specific content is not open to the public, it is estimated that the DPRK has been able to clarify the relevant issues related to the scope of the secret. Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio 1, said in a press conference stressed that: "with South Korea in the field of security cooperation is very important. Hope to achieve early signing." Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei on the South Korean friends said that after dry, without any impact on bilateral consultations". Earlier, Japan and South Korea announced in October 27th that the government intends to restart the signing of military intelligence protection agreement between the intergovernmental consultations, and for the early resumption of coordination. It is understood that the Japanese government since 2007 and the United States concluded the agreement on military intelligence protection, has reached the same agreement with NATO, Australia, India, etc.. Japan and South Korea in January 2011 to discuss the defense to confirm the agreement to start negotiations. On the eve of the signing of the June 2012, when the Lee Myung-bak administration put forward an extension to Japan, since then shelved.相关的主题文章: