Is the cause of Parkinson’s disease ineffective

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  • March 3, 2017
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yesterday with doubt in the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University "good doctor Parkinson" public WeChat, 65 year old aunt, suffering from Parkinson’s disease in 6 years, initially only the right lower limb uncomfortable tremor, after gradually progress to the right upper limb tremor associated with myotonia. Tremor is a static tremor, when the exercise is reduced, when the mood increases. Good treatment effect before taking Madopar, along with the time the effect of more and more poor, and for a lot of drugs currently taking Madopar, Symmetrel, Jin Siping, the control effect is not very ideal, excuse me, treatment of Parkinson’s disease drug problem is invalid?

In fact,

, Parkinson’s disease is a chronic dopamine deficiency disease caused due to nigral dopaminergic neuronal degeneration. Because the cause is unknown, at present can only take the remission or improve symptoms of illness, so that it can not stop the development, it can not cure the disease; will not relieve itself, the general trend is more and more heavy, so it needs long-term drug treatment. Relief of symptoms can increase the patient’s self-care ability, improve their quality of life, which is very important and essential for patients. To ease the symptoms of the method, early physical therapy can be used, massage, functional exercise and other measures; symptoms of work or life self-care, the use of anti Parkinson’s disease drugs. The course of the disease reached 3~5 years, the condition has seriously affected the work, life self-care, anti Parkinson’s disease drugs in addition to the addition of dopamine, can be combined with dopamine agonists or other synergist. By adjusting the drug to further relieve symptoms, if necessary, surgical treatment. In short, Parkinson’s disease requires long-term medication, there is no cure. Intermittent drug therapy, pulse medication can accelerate the progress of the disease.

it is worth noting that Parkinson is not so good before the drug, the drug is "the most common phenomenon of the agent", in between the two drugs, which is at the end of agent with worsening symptoms of Parkinson’s disease again, many patients will appear off such as dyskinesia, foot cramps and pain. The fluctuation of symptoms common in levodopa treated patients effectively, with the prolongation of treatment time, the emergence of the phenomenon of the agent "earlier. This situation is often related to the dose of levodopa, with low protein diet and levodopa dose increased, and divided into several small doses.