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Is it necessary for you to have a relationship with me? Sohu last week weekend at home idle mother together with her husband watching TV, a head found her husband with the mobile phone is busy Hi, also gave expression. Jokingly asked him why, smiling is not with the little girl talk show? He said he looks like someone carpool, walking with him, so I feel happy. At that time did not care, but he was smiling face always makes me uncomfortable, thought must be a woman, he later admitted. There’s nothing to watch tv. After dinner, the husband picked up the mobile phone, he remembered that for people who carpool, and husband smiling face, very curious, they opened a chat at. Looks like a little girl just graduated, through a group with my husband WeChat car, said to be with my husband to work together, to fight for my husband’s car to go to work, but she was wrong, husband group remarks clearly written no car, later my husband was said to him to sit the bus every day, they advised her to sit, I sentence you talk is very hot, the woman asked my husband to work for a few years, there are a few suites, do not know how the little girl thought. Anyway, I looked a bit uncomfortable, a just know the net friend asked a few suites, what mean? Eventually the girl is said to take her to my husband on Friday (Monday to Thursday because of the no votes, she can only buy a Friday), the girl already said, her childhood growing up here, I wonder, will tell you where to go, and bought a ticket. The bus will also display the license plate number, to the place where they grew up will find? Also my husband with the car? Sadly, my husband unexpectedly promised. I was mad, the WeChat guide neither relative nor friend, her car was very clear, how to bring people on the train, you want to know more about the opposite sex? After that, you do not have to sit together every day, chat a day? If you are sleepy, do you have to sleep in a bed? Anyway, my husband is so enthusiastic about the treatment of a strange girl, I was very angry, and told him not to go, how can the detailed guidance on the Internet can not meet. I feel that this is not the same as playing with the phone shake, the purpose is the same. Chat show, about guns! Husband promised well, tickets for Friday when the face of my back, I thought it was pregnant, her husband is very care of my little emotion, the Friday when he came home from work, I saw the bus ticket records, they told me the morning bus to work, again secretly behind the lack of bus ticket to buy back, and the way to WeChat with that girl chat record is deleted, the time display their last time to chat more than 8 o’clock on Friday morning, 7 bus departure, departure before the woman is also sure to contact my husband. Why I was sad, unhappy things, he must do? Two days ago because he promised to take the family car has been unhappy for two or three days, finally in a better mood, he again come such a feeling, don’t put me in, do not respect me, suddenly the heart is cool cool! After two days, it finally broke out. He’s also with me.相关的主题文章: