Is Being A Police Officer

Careers-Employment If you are all geared up to be.e a police officer, it is important for you to keep in mind all the pros and cons related to this profession. Although this job is satisfactory for many but it is always pertinent to consider the downside of a police officer as it undoubtedly a demanding and dangerous job. The US Department of Labor has ranked this job as the fifth most dangerous job in the US. Being a police officer, you have to be on your toes all the time. Its not easy to tackle all the odds, and it is a police offers duty to face all sorts of crisis ranging from a small robbery or a riot to a murder case. Criminals and gangsters are always against a police officer, and can go on to the extent of taking their lives due to their selfish, vested interests. This can be due to various reasons, the officer might have had them penalized or sent them to jail. Hence, you have bear in mind that this is not just another 8-hour job as you have to be very cautious of the convicts all the time. A policy officer job is quite dangerous even when you are not in your uniform. During off time or even during vacations, you are likely to face any adverse situation, even an attack from the criminals can be expected, which is why you have to be alert all the time. This job also requires a lot of responsibility and the hours of duty are extensive, you can be called on duty at any time if any emergency occurs, even 3 oclock in the midnight is no exception. Burnouts and professional stress is quite .mon in this career path where every day you have to face a hectic schedule. To be.e a police officer, you need to inculcate unprecedented passion for this career. If you do not have the determination to serve and are not skilful to handle stress, you should not opt for this profession. Only those who love to serve and have an aim to eradicate the growing crime in the society can be.e a cop. A police officer cannot enjoy a normal family life due to the exhaustive nature of his job, he can be.e a victim of high level frustration, alcohol and drugs. Even the suicide rate is quite high amongst police officers due to extreme stress and pressure. Despite the above mentioned facts, police officers at large are devoted to their profession, so much so that even if they are given the opportunity to opt for another profession, they would not choose any other job. Sometimes, the reason is utmost patriotism or devotion but at times, its the great benefits and perks such as good salary, medical and life insurance cover, paid holidays, pension plans, sick leaves, weapons and uniforms that work as the alluring factor. Nonetheless, the reality remains, this profession outshines other career paths due to immense dedication and respect it requires for the .mon public and needless to say, for the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: