Intelligent tape can change your life virtual measuring voice recording (video)

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  • November 16, 2017
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Intelligent tape can change your life: virtual measuring voice recording digital news Tencent (Gin) are all gadgets in the intelligent, maybe you have been flattering, but had to admit that the development of sensor and networking makes life more convenient. Intelligent tape Bagel can change your life: virtual measurement such as voice recording tape, this gadget almost every home, but it is really not easy. One is the limited length of two is to measure the different objects, you may also purchase size and different types of tape, tape, a caliper, a mess. Take a look at what it looks like after the intelligent tape! This is the Bagel. First of all, it looks very good, small size and modern design, full of sense of technology. Polycarbonate shell can withstand the impact of 3.7 meters, very durable. Second, it has three modes, including line, wheel and remote control. Line mode is very easy to understand, is similar to ordinary tape. Pull out the cable in the Bagel, fixed the end of the Bagel on the small LCD screen will show a specific length, the longest 3 meters to support the measurement range. Round of testing is not difficult to understand the use of Bagel, the body of the small wheels and sensors across the object to be measured, can accurate measurement of length, suitable for non linear objects, or is unable to use the hands of the measurement environment, the measuring range is 10 meters long support. The final remote control mode, the first is to use the roller to measure, and then press the voice button above the Bagel voice recording. Then open the phone application, you will find that Bagel has been sent to the application via Bluetooth data, very convenient. This model is suitable for a one-time measurement of a variety of objects, and record data, the longest support 4 meter measurement range. In addition, Bagel also has a built-in memory, you can store up to 100 measurement results, coupled with the phone synchronization function, do not have to worry about repeated measurements of the same object. Bagel is a built-in battery design, uninterrupted support an average of 8 hours, while supporting a variety of units, including imperial and metric. Bagel raise public performance is very brisk, beyond the target amount of 4513%, fully proved that the small idea is how to change the life experience. Its price is $72 (about 480 yuan), will be officially shipped in December of this year. Source: indiegogo recommendation: focus on digital Tencent (ID:qqdigi), WeChat official, take you to play through all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, hand evaluation, video machines, engage in fun to play live, there are a variety of novelty method. IPhone 7 value is not worth buying? How to use a cell phone to shoot VR? Drones can cut fingers? Why do cats have to be poor? The answers are all here.相关的主题文章: