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  • November 18, 2017
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Inspirational CP! "Subtraction of life" xulu Wei Daxun’s heart reborn – Wei Daxun entertainment Sohu heart warming smile "subtraction of life" character poster xulu [Click to view more HD map]     Sohu entertainment news by Xu Lu, starring Wei Daxun, Huang Yan, Ma Lin co directed the Li Zhiqing Chun "subtraction of life" will be released in November 11th. The film side today exposed a group of warm heart posters, in an interesting contrast Xu Lu, Wei Daxun and Mao Chuan heart and rebirth, inspire young people bravely, brings warmth to the cold autumn. As a focus on "youth inspirational sheet" topic, the film close to the predicament of modern young people may face, showing in a fun and exciting story, and tears bursting point in the intersection of young people moved and thinking. Loser Xu Lu Wei Daxun the same boat called "the rebirth of struggle inspirational poster CP" of the exposure, by means of comparison, vivid and interesting show, starring Xu Lu, Wei Daxun and Mao Sichuan and again frustrated in life’s journey. Xu Lu in the movie YAN Dan, due to obesity and lose their jobs in distress situation, Guan Xiaokang Wei Daxun’s dream, but start on the road in frustration, but Mao Sichuan plays an underappreciated musical genius, three people met in the low life, staged a mutual encouragement and common struggle inspirational story. Xu Lu from holding the sweets fell dejected posters, happy to confidently open love cake, Wei Daxun from the lost heart to have their own left with nothing whatsoever, baking, and wool from Sichuan hand kitchenware to re picked up the guitar, this change also hinted that the three film in the final through their own efforts. Brave face life, to find the direction of the future, the rebirth of the beautiful ending. In the movie "subtraction of life", Xu Lu and Wei Daxun on this "inspirational CP" staged self challenge, "loser" stand up drama, since the film started, the two stars also interact frequently, CP straight up, and more recently a seller delivery assault outside assimilation, attracted a surprise two is more interactive humor by the users of praise in the broadcast. "Subtraction of life" pure emotion shake as a youth struggle theme of the film for the struggle of the young people "sound of life" meticulously, subtraction, as most of the young people in the struggle in the city have interesting stories and yet create new styles, texture. As the six poster on the upper right corner of the hidden mystery, composed of heart warming words, "heartbreak, reborn", meaning the modern urban youth situation, on the way as a dream, will encounter heartbreaking setbacks, but as long as the courage, you will like the movie characters, re cheer up. Writer director Huang Yan said that the original intention of the film is "don’t want to express about not ideal in the bad environment to give up but try to establish the outlook on life", hope that through this period of young people through the low story, "give similar circumstances people more comfort, encourage everyone to be confident and brave". The film will be shown nationwide in November 11th.相关的主题文章: