Infants in the end how to eat, see how experts recommend!

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  • March 3, 2017
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1. breastfeeding tips:

postpartum should be started as soon as possible breastfeeding (< 1 h), the newborn’s first food should be breast milk. It is also an important condition to help the mother to establish the correct breastfeeding posture. Wash your hands with soap before each feeding. A hug, hug, oblique horizontal ball feeding posture. No matter what kind of posture, let the baby’s head and body in a straight line, the baby body close to the mother, head and neck to be supported, as close as possible to the breast, nose facing nipple. Before breastfeeding, mothers can clean your fingers to help baby mouth with the nipple and areola areola, lips cover less than the lower lip, lower lip should be outward protrusion, mandibular contact breast for correct "breast feeding" (Figure 1A). Only contain the mother’s nipple, that is on the lips cover the areola is greater than or equal to the lower lip, lower lip or forward to the intraoral mandibular retraction, away from the breast, with suction bad, "nipple feeding" (Fig. 1 B). "Nipple feeding" can be caused by insufficient milk, nipple bite inhalation, because breast milk contains a lot of not being inhaled in the subareolar. In has not yet established a good breastfeeding habit, should avoid exposure to the baby bottles, pacifiers and other auxiliary feeding device.

2. lactation:

encourages breastfeeding on demand, which is particularly important for early establishment and maintenance of good breastfeeding practices. Breastfeeding on demand is not limited to the frequency and duration of breastfeeding in the case of a baby’s right breast sucking. From 1 to February in infants aged 2 h day < lactation time, during this period, such as sleep time > 4 h, suggested that babies wake up feeding, avoid insufficient intake of milk. The interval time of night feeding can be extended, about 3 h, or 4 ~ 5 h. 24 h breastfeeding for 8 times to 10 times. The baby is not due to adaptation to extrauterine life newborn, can have a longer time (with nipple feeding > 30 min / time), or feeding frequency over the situation (1 ~ 1.5 h feeding a), are breast-feeding. Generally after the age of February can be gradually breast-feeding, such as the need to eliminate the growth of inappropriate sucking or disease. Mother often chapped nipple and incorrect posture related containingiodineabsorptionmaterialmaynotbeover5.0. Once the nipple, after each feeding can squeeze a little milk evenly on the nipple.

3. bottle feeding posture:

bottle fed babies, application of upper arm well supporting the baby to feel comfortable and safe, the head and body in a straight line, feeding should hold the bottle and have a good eye contact with the baby. Avoid did not support the case, let the baby himself with a bottle of milk, prone to cough, ear infections, and prone to dental caries in adorable baby teeth.

4. bottle cleaner, with;