If you’re in London next month, don’t miss the 2016 London Design Festival onavo protect

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  • November 18, 2017
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If you next month in London and don’t miss the London Design Festival 2016 source: Dezeen Author: Alice Morby translation: trees (panda translation) original title: The 10 top installations and exhibitions at London Design Festival 2016 from this year the London Design Festival opened in less than a month’s time, here is the installation art with the activities of the ten recommended. London Design Festival (LDF) will be held from September 17th to 25, during the arrangement of a very rich activities, the whole city is expected to have more than 400 activities and installation art. We are here for the best project you recommend ten design week, including a large installation art, there are also some independent exhibition projects, if the next month in London, don’t miss the taste of the world’s leading design: V& A Museum, Mathieu Lehanneur installation art liquid marble as V& a part of the A Museum in the design festival exhibition, the French designer Mathieu Lehanneur in the Norfolk House Music Hall (Norfolk House Music room) he set "liquid marble" (Liquid Marble) and a series of works. This piece is the art device before he demonstrated in France a castle in the courtyard for follow-up, with a piece of black marble is smooth, the surface waves carved into a very realistic pool like paper. The design theme of the Brixton Bowie road which is Brixton Road (Brixton Design Trail) third years to return to the LDF, this year’s theme is an homage to fashion idol, Brixton born musician David bowie. There will be more than 40 field related activities, including public art installations and a range of youth routes and workshops scattered in southern london. Art device Alison Brooks smile London local architect Alison Brooks device (Smile) designed to showcase art smile cross laminated timber (CLT) on the possibility of building structure, she will use the tulip wood to produce a rise from the ground bending wood. The woodwind only one touchdown, both ends are open. It has a series of holes on each side, the day when you can let in natural light, the night is illuminated will form a light spot pattern. 100% Norway 100% Norway exhibition exhibition will focus on heritage behind the Norway modern design, consists of 17 designers, each of them in accordance with the requirements of creating new products of fusion of design history of Norway. These products include furniture, household products, lighting design.相关的主题文章: