HUAWEI Nova 2288 yuan from the sale of the country is not really a female mobile phone 3edyy

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  • November 18, 2017
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HUAWEI Nova China to 2288 yuan from the sale of mobile phone HUAWEI Nova is not really the female country line or will be released in October 14th, there have been rumors sellers began an appointment, the price is likely to be 2288 yuan, the main sales channels under the line. Tencent digital news (blue) as at IFA show on HUAWEI’s new flagship HUAWEI Nova series light, seems to have been no domestic sale of news. But now, HUAWEI has released the official HUAWEI Nova not only in the dark light, camera video, and there are friends in the Post Bar broke the news that HUAWEI Nova on October 14th officially landed in the domestic market, mobile phone is expected to price will be 2288 yuan, and will be the main sales channels under the line. Biography in October 14th, although the HUAWEI Nova after the release did not harvest the expected praise, but there is no news of any outgoing version of the line. However, the first official release of HUAWEI HUAWEI Nova camera performance video in a dark environment with, users now have the Post Bar broke the news that HUAWEI Nova has identified the domestic version will be released in October 14th. At the same time in the HUAWEI Nova version of the domestic price, there are users said that the standard version of the price is 2288 yuan, will be the main sales channels under the line, but no price information of HUAWEI Nova Plus exposure. By contrast, HUAWEI officially announced the HUAWEI Nova (3GB+32GB) in Europe for the price of 399 euros (about 2980 yuan), while HUAWEI Nova Plus (3GB+32GB) is the pricing of 429 euros (about 3200 yuan.). Positioning light flagship, however, the upcoming HUAWEI Nova series did not promote the so-called female mobile phone argument, but highlights the small screen light flagship selling point. But in the configuration of the machine and not many highlights, is still a million years of virtual buttons, million years of fingerprint and back of the Millennium glass patch. Among them, HUAWEI Nova uses 5 inches 1080p negative LCD screen, equipped Xiaolong 625 processor, with 3GB RAM+32GB ROM storage combination, and equipped with a 12 million pixel camera with fast focusing function for 0.3 seconds. In addition, the machine also supports the back of the fingerprint recognition function, with DTS Headphone sound, with the help of 3020mAh 4 power-saving technology and more than forty optimization, allowing ordinary users to get the time of two days. As for the synchronous debut of the HUAWEI Nova Plus is in the shape of different, looks more like HUAWEI G9 Plus, and will be upgraded to 5.5 inch touch screen, 16 million pixel camera battery capacity to 3340mAh and is equipped with optical image stabilization, as for the other configuration is consistent. Glory 6X released next month it is worth mentioning that, after obtaining a network license of glory 6X and now appear in the mobile version of the Ministry of industry, mobile phone model BLN-TL10, with the same full Netcom and dual card dual standby function, using a dual rear camera fingerprint recognition and vertical design, and equipped with 5.5.相关的主题文章: