How to judge the egg fresh Teach you two strokes easy to distinguish

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  • March 3, 2017
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dear friends, 12 noon, jingling come on time. Today I want to talk to you is the "egg" problem, don’t cover your face, is the egg egg.

whenever it comes to the egg, jingling invariably asked: how do I judge the egg is not fresh? Buy eggs back in the end do not wash it?……

probably everyone has a "one hundred thousand" how to do, don’t worry, today we invited professional people together, to help you solve some problems about the egg.

– – –

how to judge the egg fresh?

There are many methods of

judgment, were two very reliable of today. If you have a good way to remember the message area were told!

the first one: crack the egg spread into the frying pan, the open area larger and more irregular edge, the egg is not fresh.

normally, there will be a thin film between the egg yolk and egg yolk membrane protein, called "professional", with the storage time longer, the yolk membrane elasticity will be more and more small, and even rupture, slowly, albumen and yolk will melt together.

more intuitive result is that when the crack an egg, the egg yolk will not spread, "wrapped" feeling, very casual.

second strokes: look at the size of the gas chamber, the larger the gas chamber, the more fresh eggs.

can…… Where is the room?

peeled eggs, the eggs will often see the side of the big head of a concave down, right? That is the "gas chamber" of the egg.

eggs from a lifetime, the weight began to change, generally are getting lighter. This is because there are holes in the egg shell, the egg will continue to evaporate moisture, the weight of the egg will gradually reduce.

yes, the egg baby after leaving the mother’s body, he is still a breath of eggs! But the longer it breathes, the less water it has, the less fresh it is.

just gave birth to the egg, it is also the highest gas chamber 3 mm, if your egg is significantly larger than the gas chamber, the……

of course, storage temperature, humidity is not appropriate, will accelerate the weight loss of eggs.

so the problem is coming……

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how to store eggs?

a look at the temperature. < /;