Housing bubble you do not know the cause and push hands yo te amo

The causes of the housing bubble and pushing you don’t know (the causes of the housing bubble and pushing you do not know the original title: Jin Hainian) if 2016 on hot in the first half of the RMB exchange rate is China economy, the second half of the real estate market is undoubtedly. In July new RMB loans almost from the mortgage as a symbol, real estate stocks appear to exceed expectations, in September the city real estate is hot panic buying crazy degree, so that the 20 City long seven days has introduced the policy of market regulation. To analyze the future of China’s real estate, it is best to review history. The development of economic activities, always depends on the market rules and policy system of two factors. The core is about to enter the new normal stage of human history disputes are the basic land around the turf seems to have been the focus of conflict, the Chinese civilization has been listed as the first live to live and work in peace, Chinese endowed with more abundant connotation of house demand. In the era of the planned economy, urban residents housing mainly by the unit distribution, dormitories, a few generations reflects the shortage of housing, independent toilet room and children is almost unthinkable thing. After the reform and opening up, the planned economy to the market-oriented reform of the commodity economy, China’s real estate market has gone through a pilot exploration, commercialization of the bud, a comprehensive market-oriented and land finance in four stages. July 2002, the Ministry of land and resources issued the tender auction listing transferring state-owned land use rights provisions, China’s real estate market entered the land finance stage, prices began to fly with GDP. With the city to promote the process of population aging, further, on the one hand first-tier cities population close to saturation, land development and finish making second-hand housing transactions become the mainstream of new substituted GDP, enter the rapid growth stage, with real estate tax and estate tax has marked the real estate market will enter the new normal stage. Now, the price has obvious differentiation in different city, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen in the line, especially Shenzhen’s housing prices fluctuation was the most severe in Guangzhou, Fuzhou; Nanjing, Ningbo, Dalian, the second; Tianjin is in the third district (information, group purchase, forum) domain; other city residents the basic 10000 yuan square meters. We believe that the new normal real estate market will gradually slow down with the deepening of urbanization. Since 2005, housing prices and sales have entered the stage of rapid growth, 2005-2015, total sales of more than 10 billion 600 million square meters of commercial housing. If each family of three with 90 square meters of the house, the new housing has been over the past 11 years can provide a new home for 120 million families of 360 million people, according to the 2015 sales rate, by 2020, all urban households almost all have been replaced in 2005 after the construction of the house. Obviously this construction speed is difficult to continue, even if it is difficult to digest the trend of high-speed urbanization, this pre judgment has been confirmed in the local land revenue changes. Real estate finance and industry risks since 1980, people began to talk about the unreasonable price income ratio,.相关的主题文章: