Hong Kong actress was asked to take sex movie unable to accept surrender christie stevens

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  • November 15, 2017
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Hong Kong actress was asked to take sex movie: unable to accept termination end end Zhuang Er Zhuang son said was asked to make a sex film Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, recently, Hongkong actress Zhuang end son officially break up with the company, at first she refused to fine, only said the company forced her to make "beyond the bottom line", Japan before she broke the company forced her to take sex movie, the film also sexual intercourse and oral sex to a religious story, she can not stand, and the company decided to surrender. At the end of 2013 has received Zhuang jewelry miss third. Zhuang Duaner joined Zhuge’s previous Ziqi star Tao international entertainment company, on the 22 day she opened the press conference announced in August 5th this year, has issued a letter presented unilaterally terminated the partnership yesterday (23 days) "Hongkong 01" report, Zhuang Er Kou in end company "beyond the bottom line" is actually the filming of Wang Zongyao directed film "recommend her writer lie", and the script had sex hot, let children to go beyond the bottom line by the end of religion, can not accept. To verify the media Zhuge Ziqi, they will then end the script to Zhuang Er spokesman Pat reduction, which do have sex scenes, the film classification as "IIB" (not, adolescents and children with fuzzy implicative exposure or behavior, so they learned fragments) rather than do end Zhuang, respect her opinion, no to force her, after the two sides have repeatedly communicate, expressed regret for the final result. Earlier in the end Zhuang Er Instagram forwarding Hongkong media reported her angry firepower, also soared out. You want to take you to shoot. "," why do you think female artist pushed off a sex scene oral sex of the show is my fault "and other words, the company is still very angry, it is reported that the company the end of Zhuang children issued a lawyer’s letter, she refuted the argument, and that will retain all legal rights. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: