Holland [Delft] you see I am blue

if you want to conceive a picture of an idyllic scene in your mind, what are the elements? Houses, rivers, blue sky, white clouds, pasture, windmill. When a small art class always use the most simple lines portrayed in this idyllic countryside, however, grew up just pleasantly surprised, really have such a presence in the world, in Europe, in the windmill rotating Holland creak. This beauty is very simple, but more simple scenery more can move we often feel anxious and restless heart, and real Holland than paper draw many fine, here brings travelers surprise lies, he is a combination of simple and elegant is attractive and unforgettable.

Holland seems to have been refined with the passage of time into the details of this land, even the small town frequented by visitors is also true. Delft is such a place, the town between Hague and Rotterdam, with two institutions of higher learning is also known as the city of knowledge. Holland has a very long history, after the conquest of sea coachman to now the years of precipitation the calm atmosphere, let the town unique temperament. From the beginning of the 17th century, hundreds of years of Delft ancient canal and stone arch bridge condensed into here only belongs to the idyllic scenery here, like its blue as fine pottery. In this town for years inside, can follow the ancient canal history, stone arch bridge and love the people hand through chic, quiet water and green trees around, there are occasionally play a teal, bow is the corner are blooming colorful flowers, of course, is in the air the tulip fragrance, silhouetted against the blue sky without filter modified pure, everything is quiet and beautiful.

walk through Holland in Delft, through the old church, the new church, city hall…… Delft is really a town clean, not too noisy belongs to the modern city noise and heavy traffic noise, there is the square from time to time from the sounds of the bell, so this was reflected in the canal of the ancient city and a bit more melodious. A clever exquisite high streets and back lanes are dotted in the doorway and shops, roadside flowers. Even the small streets into the walk, but also can not find the same surprises and scenery. The ancient mottled walls are left traces of the years, the details of the details can be revealed here for the love of life. Is the taste of life, but the people here seem to live a quiet and romantic poem. If you can, I really hope to have been in such a small town;