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  • April 16, 2018
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"Hide and seek" Hailu Qin "eyes kill" type of breakthrough – actor Hailu Qin Hailu Qin entertainment Sohu "Hailu Qin" hide and seek "hide and seek" stills Sohu entertainment news Hailu Qin acquaintance, from the beginning of Chen Guo’s "Durian durian". Hongkong in 1990s, with its strong popular culture and market economy power, just for the free from food and clothing from the mainland people, it is a symbol of wealth and freedom, simple commodity trading will be able to feed one person, one family, and can live comfortably. At that time the table spread about the sea gold myth, Hailu Qin in the film from the old northeast factory of a road to the south, looking for freedom of youth and money. The tall buildings of Hongkong street and finally let Hailu Qin Mengsui Repulse Bay, about the cost of a dream end only with the lowly body to repay. "Durian Durian" is a tragic choice of an ordinary woman about personal fate, let Hailu Qin exudes a strange smell of durian has the power to reach your heart, it is hard to cover the prickly with a soft heart. From the outset, Hailu Qin chose a seemingly lonely but destined to shine in the career path, because she cares about the little people, the heart has great compassion. As an actor, she was bright, the selection and shaping of roles only with the "strength" to describe is too simple. The new type of film director Liu Jie and her "hide and seek cooperation" once again proved her deep understanding of the role itself, will be suffering from a schizophrenic killer penetrating interpretation. Su Hong is not a person in the heart of the city, she alone raising a sick daughter, no one knows where she comes from, she is at the bottom of the ant forgotten by the society. Bears the humble simplicity of popular literature or art of blood, but also with a jungle society bloodthirsty nature. She is a paranoid person, wealth and injustice changed her understanding of the world. A poor woman who lives in a closed space, life is wrapped in barbed wire poles, her eyes can not see the light. Hailu Qin in the "hide and seek" with literary goddess lore, "acting eyes kill". As a schizophrenic, her eyes are full of insecurity, but also extremely calm and restrained. She is a serial murder of the executioner, is also a child’s mother. Her smile is complicated, her cry is very disturbing. She put all the possibilities of a mother in trouble on the big screen. Palpitation and chest tightness is the perpetrators of the crime scene for the audience, Hailu Qin magnified the real life thriller, the past is a kind of trauma to her, the poor and homeless is. "Hide and seek" is Hailu Qin’s second director Liu Jie and cooperation, is the first time in the youth film "the most outstanding youth camp", although a few cameos, but the scene will be tough and humorous teacher out of shape, laugh more reminiscent of his high school times. As a horror film "hide and seek", let Hailu Qin again have the opportunity to self breakthrough. She was born in the play, for the type of performance handle.相关的主题文章: